For Whom The Bell Is A Friggin’ Nuisance!

I heard an Imam calling the faithful to prayers at five o’clock this morning. I thought that was a bit early or late, depending on your point of view, but then that is the custom here in Morocco. I was transported back to some decennia ago, when I used to live right next to a […]

Tornado Cause Debunked!

I just glanced over an article, which stated that tornadoes are apparently caused by wind turbine farms. Said article(1) was probably written by a gentleman, who dabbles in science and the proof of his scientific conclusion was almost certainly arrived at by statistical means. It is a well-known fact that a good statistician can prove […]

Technical Support From Husband To Wife – Joke

from 1petitegreeneyes on Experience Project. Wife texts husband on a cold winters morning, “Windows frozen”. Husband texts back, “Pour some lukewarm water over it”. Wife texts back, “Computer completely screwed now”. Related articles Husband – Wife Jokes 😀 😉 ( Joke of the Day – Angry Husband ( Naughty Joke (