Introducing “The Short Humour(Humor) Site”!

Dear comedy fans, I have stumbled onto a veritable treasure trove of choice comedy tidbits or short stories, called The Short Humour Site, which is really, really worth a visit!

I’ve just read one of these stories from a British comedian Charlie Wade, called Safety Begins At Home about an annual convention of safety inspectors that goes a bit pearshaped. I thoroughly enjoyed myself!

This is NOT a site with loads of hype that passes for humor these days, but well thought-out, down-to-earth comedy that will make your belly shake. Enjoy!

P.S.: The editor Mister Gurmeet Mattu and myself are also featured there.

Some College Humor.

complete idiots!

complete idiots! (Photo credit: lib_rachel)

  • As a homeless Jewish person, I have mixed emotions when people throw change at me.
  • In the United Kingdom, people sext each other with carrier pigeons, just cause.
  • I bought a book titled, The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Being a Complete Idiot. I read it while I’m rollerblading on my treadmill.
  • “I’m meditating my balls off, man.” -The Dalai Lama #famousquotes
  • So a woman drives into a bar…