Edvard Munch murals in Oslo canteen face sell-off.

Edvard Munch was commissioned to paint the frieze in the women’s canteen of Kraft’s Oslo factory in 1920 A factory canteen in Oslo which contains murals by Norwegian painter Edvard Munch is set to be sold. Munch was commissioned to paint the frieze of 12 large paintings in 1920 and they were originally installed in […]

Outstanding response from world’s most awesome lawyer to world’s most annoying lawyer.

If you would, dear readers, please take a moment to go and read these two letters from one lawyer to another on Jockular.com. I promise you that it’s worth it! Have a good LOL! Note from Ralphie: It would probably not be a good idea for a non-lawyer to imitate such a letter to one […]

May Day~Beltane~

On April 30 into May 1st we Pagan types celebrate Beltane.  Beltane is a fire festival honoring the return of the earth’s fertile phase. Beltane is most usually celebrated around the fiery fingers of a robust merry bon fire and dancing beneath a colorful maypole.  I have read that “back in the day” the fertility […]

President Obama’s Razorbacks Joke.

From Dave002 on Experience Project: <Click Here> President Obama was exiting “Marine One” the other day on the “South Lawn”. He had an animal under each arm. As he approached the side door of the White House a young Marine Guard holding the door for him said “Nice pigs, Mr. President”. The President stopped in […]