Edvard Munch murals in Oslo canteen face sell-off.

Edvard Munch was commissioned to paint the frieze in the women’s canteen of Kraft’s Oslo factory in 1920

A factory canteen in Oslo which contains murals by Norwegian painter Edvard Munch is set to be sold.

Munch was commissioned to paint the frieze of 12 large paintings in 1920 and they were originally installed in the factory’s women’s canteen.

The light-suffused images depict everyday scenes from resort towns on Norway’s east coast.

Kraft Foods, which owns the factory, has insisted it will ensure the paintings are well cared for if sold.

It says the factory, which makes chocolate, will remain open, but changing requirements mean surrounding buildings – including the canteen containing the Freia Frieze – may be put up for sale.

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Outstanding response from world’s most awesome lawyer to world’s most annoying lawyer.

19th century painting of lawyers, by French ar...

19th century painting of lawyers, by French artist Honoré Daumier (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

If you would, dear readers, please take a moment to go and read these two letters from one lawyer to another on Jockular.com. I promise you that it’s worth it! Have a good LOL!

Note from Ralphie: It would probably not be a good idea for a non-lawyer to imitate such a letter to one of these “gentlemen” of the judicial profession! Unless of course, you have a bundle of money that you are desperate to get rid of.

May Day~Beltane~

On April 30 into May 1st we Pagan types celebrate Beltane.  Beltane is a fire festival honoring the return of the earth’s fertile phase. Beltane is most usually celebrated around the fiery fingers of a robust merry bon fire and dancing beneath a colorful maypole.  I have read that “back in the day” the fertility celebrations depending on one’s personal tradition could be rather lascivious, but I will leave all of that to the reader’s imagination.  Solitaries like me don’t often have the appropriate spot or space for such an event so this last evening, I held my own modest solitary ritual as I walked across the rolling hills and into the dimmed forest with my little dog.  This is the joy of being a solitary witch; one does things one’s own way and that is that. Some of us are… shall we say… independent thinkers?

There was a golden country sunset last evening; the green carpet of plush grass was soaked in the last soft amber hues of what was a perfect spring day. With the exception of my loyal little fur kid, I found myself all alone wandering across gentle green hills and leafy woods.  Where I go to walk is a magical place of rolling hills, a lively frog pond, and a leafy forest that could have been plucked from a fairy tale.

The land is set on a green expanse of hill highs that lord over our little community. It’s free to go walk there, and I am often in awe that no one but me seems to go there with any regularity.  I call this place “My Church.”

I did not light any bonfires; I did not even light a candle for I had the warm glow of the setting sun on my shoulder. As I walked, I thought of the earth, and I thought of the gifts she gives, I thought of the seasons, the planting time that is upon us, and I looked ahead to the harvest time, the time to gather, I mused over the divinity of it all.  I reminded myself that my very life source comes from the dear earth, my one true mother.

I stopped and lay down for a time and ran my fingers over the carpet of grass and pressing my heart nearer to the heart of my Mother. I rolled over then to watch the cotton candy clouds drifting above me. I was very moved, very grateful, very aware of the life forces that was were coursing above and below my body.

I stood up then, planting my feet flat on the earth and raising my hands to the sky.  I felt the spirit of May wash through me, sunshine, fertile earth, colorful blossoms, leafy trees, moon glow, I felt it all! I felt everything so intensely that I was what the Christians call “slain in the spirit” for a moment…rapt, joyful, and grateful beyond words.  So mote it ever be.

Have a blessed and merry May Day.

President Obama’s Razorbacks Joke.

From Dave002 on Experience Project: <Click Here>

President Obama takes off from the South Lawn ...

President Obama takes off from the South Lawn of the White House on his first flight aboard Marine One. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

President Obama was exiting “Marine One” the other day on the “South Lawn”. He had an animal under each arm. As he approached the side door of the White House a young Marine Guard holding the door for him said “Nice pigs, Mr. President”.
The President stopped in his tracks and responded to him “Marine, these aren’t pigs, they’re Arkansas Razorbacks! I got one for the First Lady and one for the Secretary of State”.

The Marine responded “Nice trade, sir.”

Dogs Use Humans as Tools

HURRAY for the pooch!

Indiana Jen

The domestication of dogs is one of the few universal domestication events – everywhere that you find humans, you find dogs. Human beings have inarguably benefited from the domesticated of canines. Dogs are used as: hunting aids, herding animals, guards, pest control, beasts of burden, companionship, and even food. However, it looks like it hasn’t been only humans that have benefited from the relationship. Apparently, domesticated dogs (as opposed to their wild, wolf counter-parts) use human beings as beneficial tools.

Human beings provide their canine companions with food, shelter, and even socialization. After generations of selective breeding, dogs have developed a keen eye to observe human body language – especially the practice of “pointing.” Domesticated dogs will begin to follow human pointing gestures as early as four weeks. Wolves, even those raised by humans, never develop this skill. Additionally, when presented with a need to overcome a problem to reach…

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