May Day – Calan Mae – Beltane.

May Day is traditionally celebrated when the May blossom appears on the Hawthorn trees.

Hawthorn is an important tree spiritually – surrounded by myth and legend. Oak, Ash and Hawthorn are the three sacred celtic trees. The most famous Hawthorn in Britain is the Glastonbury Thorn. Legend has it that Joseph of Arimathea arrived in Glastonbury bearing vessels containing the blood and sweat of Christ. He thrust his hawthorn staff into the ground where it took root and flowered. It flowers in May and on Christmas Day.

Stories abound of fairies and spirits dwelling in Hawthorn trees. To damage a Hawthorn could well bring retribution from them. In pagan times, priestesses planted sacred groves of Hawthorn. The great Witch / Goddess Nimue vanquished Merlin by capturing him in a Hawthorn bush. Many churches in Britain were built in existing ancient sacred enclosures. Even Westminster Abbey is built on a site that was once called Thorny Island.

As children we used to eat the new leaves and call them bread and cheese. We also gathered the oddly scented blossom but we were not allowed to take it into our homes – being told that to do so would herald sickness and death.

It has been said that at Beltane, Witches are able to turn themselves into Hawthorn trees. A hawthorn tree will protect the home from lightning strikes. It is a fertility symbol and is dedicated to Brigid. The leaves in a bed can also promote chastity.

I choose to focus my Beltane celebrations on the large Hawthorn tree in my garden. If she is not flowering on the first of May (she rarely is!) then I wait until she is ready. I tie ribbons in her branches and light candles and sweet incense beneath her. She guides my meditation and brings me joy.


Joke That’s NOT for Blondes! – LOL

Joke: A man walks into a bar and says “Ouch!”.
Short and to the point!

scenes for a marriage ….. sven and lena, part 1

Safety helmet, very sensible!!


Sven was having an affair with his secretary. One day they went to her place and made love all afternoon. Exhausted, they fell asleep and woke up at 8 PM.
Sven hurriedly dressed and told his mistress to take his shoes outside and rub them in the grass and dirt.
He put on his shoes and drove home.
– Where have you been? Lena asked demanded.
– I can’t lie to you,’ Sven replied
– I’m having an affair with my secretary and we had sex all afternoon.’
Lena looked down at his shoes and said:
-You lying bastard! You’ve been playing golf!’

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Choice is All-Important!



Darkness (Photo credit: Roberto F.)

Imagine the All, the entire universe in its physical and spiritual form as a place or time, if you will, where every single conceivable notion, construct or idea is possible, but also its complete opposite, because the All is a universe where there is a place for all possibilities.

For us humans, what is important is IN which possibility we want to live, for that defines our being! If we choose to live IN love, then we become a part of love and… vice versa, if we choose to live IN-differently, then we become a part of indifference. That is the choice that each of us has and will have to live with.

The ONLY thing that is real is change, all the rest is transitory. In this respect, there is never a beginning or an end. For a beginning or an end only makes sense if we take something out of its context and do not look at the whole, the All.

What is time? Where is the zero-point? There is none! Maybe time exists as an ellipse or maybe not, because none of us has any real conception of it. Assigning units like seconds or hours to it only makes sense when we look at it as a linear power, but is it just or only that. Could it not be more? There could be different timelines running parallel or others running in the opposite direction and why not diagonally? Anything is possible!

The now is always a choice that defines in which direction our future will go. What if the only thing keeping our physical self back from going anywhere, anytime is the prison of our Ego? If we break through the walls of our Ego, we become part of the Light(or the Darkness, depending on an earlier choice!) and can travel anywhere and be (a part of) anything…?

Furthermore, if our body is the vessel and we can succeed in breaking through the walls of our Ego, could we choose to be a part of another vessel? Is this what the Native Americans talk about when they mind-meld with their totem animal? Could this explain astral voyages?

These are more jumbled up random thoughts from Ralphie. Do any of them feel right to you? They seem to raise more questions than they answer, but maybe answers are not important and the Quest is all!???