Some Doubtful Certainties.

The naughty nature of my early years was exhausting, but well worth the effort! My formative years were largely a waste of time. I’m trying to forget them! Rules and regulations: the obstruction of the natural flow of life, to the enjoyment of none, for the benefit of the few! Law: that necessary stuff to […]

Much Ado Over Trifles?

Searing bright endearing light enraptures me with glee. That nothingness could be so right is a paradox to me! * Dissolving of the Ego’s spell has made me see at last. To think that it works so well, this indifference to my past. * Unity with the source of life absolves me from my sins […]

Time for the Children of the Light to Embrace their Destiny!

Druids from all ages, I summon thee! The tree of life is in need of our attention. Virgins, Mothers, Crones, harken! For the midnight hour is upon us. * Children of the Vales, Wanderers of the Forests, twilight Wraiths and Leprechauns, arise! Lords of Light and Elements of Water, your songs are needed, come hither! […]

Held Hostage

Originally posted on The Square Flea:
Hello everyone, Ann Archie is currently unavailable because she has been kidnapped by something called Procrastination. We -her highly trained secret service body guard SEALs Batman Bear team – are working hard to bring her back. Please refrain from crying loudly, we are doing the best we can. Since…