Some Doubtful Certainties.

Doubtful Hope, oil painting by British artist ...

Doubtful Hope, oil painting by British artist Frank Holl (1875) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

  • The naughty nature of my early years was exhausting, but well worth the effort!
  • My formative years were largely a waste of time. I’m trying to forget them!
  • Rules and regulations: the obstruction of the natural flow of life, to the enjoyment of none, for the benefit of the few!
  • Law: that necessary stuff to keep the poor in check!
  • Hypocrisy: that unstoppable urge to tell others not to imitate oneself.
  • Righteousness: that blissful certainty that others are always in the wrong.
  • Doubt: that happy time before you take the wrong decision.
  • Envy: when you have a good thing, but wish that others should have nothing!
  • Irony: that glorious satisfaction you get, when a good plan comes together.
  • Hope: happy memories of the future.
  • Sarcasm: another way of saying “I told you so!”
  • Idleness: should be well planned out and preferably witnessed by others, who are extremely busy!
  • Diplomacy: that blablah before an inevitable brawl!
  • Chess: an intellectual’s attempt at machismo.
  • A nincompoop: anyone who thinks their doodoohs are funny.
  • Advice: to want to deny others the pleasure of making their own mistakes!
  • I did not say it – You can quote me on that!

Much Ado Over Trifles?

Illustration from English Caricaturists and Gr...

Illustration from English Caricaturists and Graphic Humourists of the Nineteenth Century, by William Rodgers Richardson (writing as Graham Everitt) :Engraving by Robert Cruikshank :Captioned "With her flames and darts, and apple tarts, her ices, trifles, cherry-brandy, O, she knew not which to choose, for she thought them both the Dandy" :From The Universal Songster (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Searing bright endearing light

enraptures me with glee.

That nothingness could be so right

is a paradox to me!


Dissolving of the Ego’s spell

has made me see at last.

To think that it works so well,

this indifference to my past.


Unity with the source of life

absolves me from my sins

and delivers me from strife, it does.

That goofy Guy Upstairs just grins!

Time for the Children of the Light to Embrace their Destiny!

Druids from all ages, I summon thee!

The tree of life is in need of our attention.

Virgins, Mothers, Crones, harken!

For the midnight hour is upon us.


Children of the Vales, Wanderers of the Forests,

twilight Wraiths and Leprechauns, arise!

Lords of Light and Elements of Water,

your songs are needed, come hither!


Time-old Bear and Lion King,

the final battle is in sight.

Beaver architect and patient Turtle

you skills will be of value.


The time for waiting has ended,

spiritual change is here to stay.

Let us welcome this precipitous end,

for it signifies a new beginning!


The indifferent shall quiver in their boots,

the hard-of-heart shall shake like leaves.

To take no action is the ultimate crime!

What was written long ago shall come to pass.


Unleash the might of your caring,

show the steel of your resolve!

Onwards and upwards, spread the Light!

Put Darkness in its proper place, begone!


Force of Wind and Spirit of Fire,

help us, for the times are dire.

May the blind see and the deaf hear…

The dawn of mankind’s awakening is here at last!


Stand Prepared…


Held Hostage

I’d come to your rescue, but I would only end up joining you!

The Square Flea

Hello everyone, Ann Archie is currently unavailable because she has been kidnapped by something called Procrastination.

We -her highly trained secret service body guard SEALs Batman Bear team – are working hard to bring her back. Please refrain from crying loudly, we are doing the best we can.

Since anyone can fall victim to procrastination and since many of you probably don’t have highly trained Batman Bear body guards we came up with a list of helpful stuff to help you help yourself.

How to NOT be a victim of Procrastination:


And remember, only you can prevent forest fires.

Challenge status (what’s this about?):Day 10

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