Some Aggressive Marketing Seems to be in Order!

Lowest Common Denominator
Lowest Common Denominator (Photo credit: Ombligotron)

Would you please allow me to insert a note of sarcasm into this blog? If not, then please join the long queue of people who can kiss my hairy arse! i am going to grab you all(except for my fans, of course!) by the scruff of the neck and have you take a long hard look at the glorification of utter drivel, which abounds on the web and elsewhere.

Miss Floozy has just posted an update on the net about the fact that she has just finished an ice cream and how yummy it was! After which three thousand seven hundred and eighty-six individuals shared this nugget with their so-called friends. Is not this world a much better place, now that we have been appraised of this valuable titbit?

All hail to the Book of bland faces and the stars of Twitdom for elevating the copy function to a high art(yes,yes, myself included!) Most readers wouldn’t recognise an original line, if it came up and bit their collective noses off these days, much less come up with one! How fortunate that many can now proudly state that they have three million friends on one of these platforms, whom they have over for coffee and cake every other day, I’ll bet…

I would like to congratulate at the same time the masses that spend billions of hard-earned currency on tabloids. I’m sure Mister Murdoch will come to thank each and every one of you for contributing to his already formidable wealth. How anyone in their right mind could pay money to read this mountain of excremental irrelevancies is beyond me.

Thank you all for bringing down the level of journalistic reporting to kindergarten reading, to use a euphemism. How low must the acceptance standard for the lowest common denominator sink, before you all start to puke for the pure nauseating stench of it, I ask you?

And then to think that several authors, myself included, have been manually putting their bollocks through a meat-grinder in order to bring you some humor of more than excellent standard on the comedy E-magazine Need I say more…? Get your arses over there and read and subscribe! Don’t make me come and tell you again!

Now, how was that for a rant? Are you STILL here? Get over there!!!

Published by Revlang

I am a copywriter and I am committed to making our new technologies understandable to the not-so-very-young generations.

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