Toddler Tim’s Quest for the Culpit!

Toddler Tim had been promised a yummy piece of cake, which would be waiting for him on the window sill, until “after” he’d finished all his dinner, veggies included. Toddler Tim found this unnecessarily cruel for his Mum to make him suffer a river of drool, all the while that she was preparing dinner, but […]

Lightning Over Mount St. Helens – Miles Morgan – Featured Photographer

Lightning Over Mount St. Helens “Apocalypse Now” – Mount Saint Helens,Washington – Miles Morgan – Featured Photographer Miles is a photographer I would like to shoot with one day. He works hard and plays hard at photography. A few beers and a bad night sleep in the car is no problem when you get shots […]

A Summoning, a Spell and More…

‘t Is now the midnight hour, I call upon the ancient power! On the coming of the dawn: Begone, begone, begone thou spawn! *** I invoke the winds of East and West, bring with you what for all is best! By the cold of North and heat of South, do feed each and every mouth! […]