Blonde LOL

Momma (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Translation from German from FB – Funny things and other stuff.

Letter from a blonde mother to her blonde daughter:
Hello dearest daughter,

When you receive this letter, it will have arrived already.If not, let me know and I’ll write you a new one! I am writing slowly, because I know that you can not read very fast. The weather over here has been reasonably good. Last week it only rained twice: once for three days in the beginning of the week and once for four days towards the week-end.

About the coat you wanted, your uncle Peter said that if I were to send the metal button with the coat, it would become too expensive, because of the weight, so I’ve cut it off. You can always sew it back on again, as I’ve put it in the right hand pocket!

Your father has a new job. He has 500 men under him. He mows the lawn in the cemetery! Your sister got married and is pregnant. We don’t know the sex of the baby yet, so I can not tell you if you are going to be an uncle or an auntie, I wanted to enclose 10 dollars in the letter, but it was already closed.

Hugs from Momma!

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