Week 1: Generosity

I coiuldn’t agree more!

Daring to Live in Love!

What is Generosity?

Core Essay on Generosity

Generosity is one of the least understood of the core emotions. There is a feeling in our society that Generosity implies the giving of wealth. The most Generous people, by definition, would have to also be the wealthiest people. But this is not so. Generosity comes from far more than the giving of gifts of wealth. We can give many other gifts as well. There is the gift of time. The gift of compassion. The gift of hope. The gift of support in troubled times. The gift of a story, to help us find perspective.

True Generosity comes from a decision to share. Not just our wealth. But to share all of ourselves. To put ourselves in a position of vulnerability and see that from that place we can only create Love around us. Generosity, in all its forms, creates gratitude. When we…

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