Blonde Dominatrix Joke.


Beautiful blonde gets a job as dominatrix and has been told she has to be very forceful with her customers. She steps into the bedroom, cracks her whip and asks: “Right, where’s the dominos then!??”

Blonde Puzzle Joke

Puzzle Krypt

Puzzle Krypt (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

There’s this blonde who decides she’s going to put together a jigsaw puzzle. So she puts all the pieces on the table and stares at them after over an hour. She gets frustrated and calls her boyfriend for help.

He asks: “What is the picture on the box?” and she says “A rooster, please come help me!” So he goes over, walks in, looks at the table and says: “Honey, put the corn flakes back in the box!”

Another Myth DeBundied!

I’m ever so distraught(again!) I just got the disturbing news that breasts do not have eyes after all. Yet another one of my illusions bites the dust! There I was, thinking that women were oh so special, because they had protruding pupils and now this! Next, you’ll be telling me that the Easter Bunny is not real…

Full Moon Musings

Someone is firing a gun


Someone is teasing the keys of a piano


Someone is writing a best seller


Someone is laughing


Someone is starving


Someone is scared


Someone is pushing a broom


Someone is playing


Nuns are sleeping


Rosaries tangled in their fingers

In their dreams

They give birth to