New Series of “Yes, Prime Minister!” ordered!

YEAAAHHHH!!! This is one of the most brilliant comedy series ever!

from the Beeb!

Digital channel GOLD has ordered a brand new series of hit 1980s satirical sitcom Yes, Prime Minister.

This is a news flash from the British Comedy Guide!

Yes, Prime Minister, the hit 1980s political sitcom, is to return to television with a brand new series after a break of more than 24 years.

Digital channel GOLD, formerly dedicated to classic comedy repeats but now branching out into its own original programming (as reported last month), has ordered a brand new series of the smash-hit comedy series from original writers Sir Antony Jay and Jonathan Lynn, to be produced by BBC Productions.

The new six part series is to be based on and follows the success of a 2010 stage revival of the popular comedy. A West End production played to sell-out houses for a number of months before touring the country, and then returning to the West End. It is currently back on tour.

The popular satire originally starred Paul Eddington as well meaning politician Jim Hacker, Nigel Hawthorne as Permanent Secretary Humphrey Appleby, and Derek Fowlds as Bernard Woolley, Hacker’s Principal Private Secretary.

Eddington died of cancer in 1995, whilst Hawthorne suffered a fatal heart attack on Boxing Day 2001. Fowlds was most recently seen on screen in ITV drama Heartbeat.

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