Reader’s Rant: That Guy Part Four

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You just have to love the power of crowdsourcing. All of us are definitely more pissed and frustrated than just one of us – or just me – in spite of the high levels of rantium (Element number 115) I have in my system. I’ve got some awesome feedback from the…

How Finnish People Deal With the Cold.

10°C/50°F Tenants in Helsinki turn off the central heating, the Finns start planting flowers. 7°C/44°F Also planting vines. 5°C/41°F The Finns are sunbathing, while the sun still gets over the horizon. 2°C/36°F Italian cars won’t start. 0°C/32°F Pure water freezes. -1°C/30°F Your breath becomes visible, time to start planning the vacation to the Mediterranean. The […]

Why Am I Pouring Myself A Shot In A Furry Hat?? 6 Awards From You Lovely People, That’s Why! Cheers!!!

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       Firstly I want to express my gratitude to EVERYONE who has been kind enough to ‘like’ my posts and leave comments about my work, I didn’t anticipate such support but it has been most  happily received!! Writing is a bit scary for me but here goes…. So, for Genuine Blogger,…

Mountain Mamma

I am a proud West Virginian. I grew up here and I live here. I have lived other places further north and further south. I’ve visited New York City; I’ve also visited the west coast. I’ve been around this country. I’ve seen a little bit of this and little bit of that, but West Virginia […]

Ostara-Spring Equinox

Bunnies and lambs frolic in the glen Sunlit earth, turned once again Shoots and buds show smiling faces Native greens now take their places Sparrows and Robins busy at their nests The forest is alive with feathery chests Warm the ground, bless the seed Give us Goddess all we need Dance and sweep Chant and […]