Not funny to rush the bunny!

I’ll be contrary. I’m going for Wester!

Philosopher Mouse of the Hedge

Some bunny didn’t tell them. Awkward.

(Did you get a memo? I didn’t get any memo.)

Can’t really sugar coat this.

Which phrase doesn’t fit?

  • Children eagerly waiting, baskets in hand.
  • Plush Bunnies, Peeps, and decorated eggs
  •  The annual Easter Egg Hunt.
  • Just get it out of the way.

Perhaps suffering from an early Peeps-induced sugar overload, two news bunnies  women were giggling their way through the day’s stories. Selected out of the basket of events was an early community Easter Egg Hunt.

At the end of the announcement, one babe anchor turned to the other, smiled, and said perkily, “How wonderful. An early Easter Egg Hunt. Kids will love that. And you can get it out of the way!”

The other professionally dressed news woman leaned forward and chirped in response, “How great!”

Now is that an odd thing to say:

“Just get it out of the way”?


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