Practically Magical

We have many choices in life, we don’t think about this often, but, we truly do. From the moment we roll from bed, there are choices; diminutive details of our lives are all about our own choices, but, we fail to claim this as a truth, we fail to take personal responsibility and ownership of the details and this is how I believe that we lose touch with our personal magic.
Most of us can recall magical times in our childhoods, and we blame the loss of our childhood magic on growing up, it isn’t true, or at least it does not have to be true. We are the same souls we were then, true, our bodies have grown, and true, along with physical growth comes certain dark discoveries, our hearts do get broken, but, our spirits do not have to be slaughtered along the way. Heartbreak does not lessen ones magic unless one allows for this to happen, one must acquiesce to such a tremendous loss, and I am here to tell you, don’t do it, ~just don’t!
We can choose to be practical or magical or practically magical or we can practice practical magic. We can choose to take on a magical attitude about our life and times here on this planet. Certainly we have this choice, no one owns our thoughts as no one owns our bodies, we are each unique and we all came here to this planet with a uniquely magical purpose. When did we forget this?
This isn’t tricky, you don’t have to shove your nose into witch books and study hard, all you have to do is be flexible and free flowing for a time, just try it on for size. You don’t have to join a cult or call yourself a witch either, (contrary to the beliefs of some of my fellow human beings, you most certainly do not have to be an Atheist or practice the black arts)
Just calm down, settle in, and do not judge yourself or anyone else. Begin to appreciate what is around you, above you, below you, be grateful, flow, open up, bloom, blossom, be hopeful, be positive, dance, move, sway, get happy and settle into your happier self. You are precious magic all in your own right, you don’t have to DO anything, except notice!
For a moment, if you can, forget everyone and everything, only consider yourself as a sacred being, have no other thought. Light up, glisten, glow, and be sacred for a moment. You are worthy, blessed, complex and simple, strong, miraculous, tender, raging, blissful, amazing, and grateful. You have choices, smile, own those choices, and feel empowered.
Employ your senses, go crazy, take your shoes off today and walk in the grass or in the mud with naked, appreciative feet. Do something outrageously natural and be unashamed to behave like a child. Sit in wonder, allow yourself to be awestruck. Get goose pimples, it is OK to be scared, don’t freeze up; empowerment can be a frightening thing if it is new and awkward for you. This is normal, smile and enjoy the sensations.
If it is possible, make love today, sexuality is a most powerful life force, if this is not physically possible, create art, this is making love… in its own way, this is pure magic and yet another very spiritual life giving act. Project magic with your mind, your body, your spirit, do not be afraid, it’s free, you do not have to have money to be magical! Inhale, exhale….and do it with intention and you are magical!
Dress for magic, wear something that moves as you move, we weave magic as we pass by in flowing clothing, it never hurts to use everything that you can to create your magical ways.

Say something kind to someone, anyone, this is magic, watch their face change, watch their energy rearrange itself, you are a magician. You have powers that you don’t harness, don’t you see? Just give away some kindness, this isn’t a dark art, this is a holy act, pure, selfless, and nurturing. Be kind. Plant roots of kindness, they will grow to bless you.
Embrace your practical magic, walk with it, sleep with it, wake with it. You will be happier and freer for it. Blessed Be!

Published by sheilarosskuhn

I write, I am an earth mother goddess...

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