Relinquishing Winter

Throughout the winter my spiritual rituals centre on fire and light – an instinctual attempt at creating a balance to the dark days.  By and large I spend  my time in a cosy, isolated retreat – protected by the weather.  I love this time of year – the contrast between the comfort of home and the cold, wet world outside.

Now the year turns to spring, the return of the light and the breaching of  the boundaries of my safe bubble.   I have mixed feelings about this.  On the one hand there is the almost animal joy of the sap rising, the emergence of the sun and the lighter evenings.  On the other hand there is the encroachment on my peace, stillness and solitude.  In the early spring I resent this – try to hold on to my winter world, where I am in control.  But slowly nature wins and I begin to look outward.

This is the gift – to allow the earth to be in control now.  There are some rituals which fit in with the time of year – planting seeds,  planning a garden, spring cleaning.

Springtime corresponds with the East, the Dawn and the Air.  The creation of new life is celebrated.  Even  the supermarkets are full of  easter eggs if we care to allow that symbolism to penetrate in such an alien atmosphere!  And this is the time of the Hare – my favourite animal  –  the original easter bunny.

Now I take my morning coffee into the garden to watch the dawn and greet the Goddess.  If it is raining (this is Wales after all!) I sit under a large umbrella.  I watch quietly as the light creeps into the day – I come to love this morning ritual as much as I love my winter fire and candles.   I build secret altars in corners of my garden – using these for private daybreak rituals.  I  live outdoors as much as I can.  For me this is a time of  receiving – of trying to still my own thoughts.  There is so much going on now – trees in bud and blossom, bulbs flowering, tadpoles, birds nesting, the emergence of the new green.  I will not always be here for this – I must treasure it.

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  1. No one on earth needed this wisdom more than little ole ME, thank you!
    I have such a hard time transitioning into spring and summer. A million bright blessings to you, I will follow your lead, bless you and thank you Polyweaver my sister and friend!


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