Lego International Space Station built aboard real ISS


Japanese astrologer Fowatta Prisa made a Lego model of the ISS, while on a pleasure trip there last year. He later held a press conference, where he explained that he would much rather have taken his multi-coloured rattle, but his mother had forbidden this. Luckily so, for any noise under five thousand gigahertz would have proved very detrimental to the visiting green-men delegation. This apparently renders them irreversibly impotent and there are already so few after the pogrom, which followed Orson Welles show last century. Mister Prisa was much-lauded by the Aliens for furthering peaceful negotiations between mutually bored species.

The building of the model was almost rendered impossible, because the astrologer had previously superglued the Lego blocks to his workspace to avoid their floating all over the place in zero gravity. However, some nail polish remover that he happened to have in his purse saved the day!

To read more about this feat, <Click here!>

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