Rant: Hollywood Is Devoid of Intelligent Life

Originally posted on BrainRants:
I’ve hinted here before and now I found this article: “Creativity Crisis: Has Remake-Obsessed Hollywood Run Out of New Ideas?”  All I could do is think, “Well butter my ass and call me a biscuit, someone finally noticed.”  I’ve noted a lot of traffic on this subject lately, so I think…

Amock Humour Emag!

Some of you may have noticed the Amock banner in the header of this site and wondered why it is there. SHHHhhhttt!!!! It’s a secret! But being the blabbermouth that I am, I shall unveil the nature of this conundrum…. Tataratatatataaaahhh…. Ralphie has been opted in as co-author of this humorous magazine, which has been […]

Soul 2 Soul

For My Dear Friend, Ed The other day I bought a bottle of cologne at a discount store. There were so many to choose from, after a while, they all started smelling like toxic fumes. I decided I liked words better than smells, so, I chose a “title” that grabbed me. It had a cheeky […]

The Curse of Feeling too Much.

When I was fifteen, my then-girlfriend broke up with me and it nearly killed me.  I know what you are going to say, we all felt like that in our puberty. No, you didn’t! When I told her girlfriend that I felt more and deeper than most people, she berated me and thought me presumptuous […]

Go Team, Go!

Will we round the cape of 10.000 visitors to our site today? 73 to go and counting down, the possibility exists and if not today, then certainly tomorrow! Hurrah for the Ralphie’s Portal-team! Come on, co-authors, let’s give it our best and make it happen… A little over six months ago, I was glad when […]

~The Man~ A Ghostly Valentine Tale

When she was feeling magical, she would take to her basement chamber and lock the door behind her. This was where she twirled and spun beneath his ethereal scrutiny. This was where she transformed herself from mother and wife into high priestess and daughter of the moon. There were no windows down there, the space […]