The Upside-Down Appeal of ‘Downton Abbey’

From The New York Times:

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A comment from bronxie in florida, February 18th, 2012 – 6:56 pm

Exclamations and explanations are beyond necessary. If you don’t enjoy, love or understand. this outstanding serial….just forget it and dwell elsewhere.. As a long awaited follow up to the Upstairs Downstairs programs and their like, it’s excellence is doubled by the ease of watching and enjoying….and keep in mind, there were only two social classes at that time, both of which one was born into…the escape into a (new) middle class was due to the Typewritter. Attention given to the social order of the downstairs occupents is observed.
And the writing is so real, from the mouths of the assorted personalities whom dwell in the Manor House.
This program “ain’t broken” and needs no fixin’ or criticism.

For a peek of the social atmosphere of that time period, watch My Fair Lady.

from Emma Hardy for The New York Times


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