Margaret the magnificent

Magnificent painting! Btw, I’m an oil painter.(a little one though, teehee!)

the scroobious pip

My partner has a new painting teacher this semester. Her name is Margaret. I’ve decided to name her ‘Margaret the magnificent.’ I’ve not met her yet I like her!

She has told the class if they paint in oils, they must complete at least one project in acrylic and vice versa. Bravo! Yippee! Hallelujah!

Anyone who makes Andrew paint in acrylic, is owed an almighty cheer. It’s worth it just to see the sneer on his face.

Now he will tell you that he doesn’t look down upon us acrylic artists. That look he gets on his face – as if he’s been force fed a wet boiled cabbage – that isn’t oil painting snobbery. He would have me believe it’s something else. Yet I know the truth. It escaped one day. It was when he used words like ‘real paint’, simultaneously deriding collage as ‘decoupage’ or worse, scrapbooking.


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