Magically Enhanced

Healthy, capable, able-bodied people can empower themselves to be as magical as they want to be. There is no recipe for living with wonder, hope, and creativity, it is a state of mind.  There is nothing more enchanting than spending time with a soul that has somehow freed itself from the monotony of the ordinary.

Have you noticed their eyes, the magical ones I mean? They have eyes that are lit with fun, fire, and serenity. Looking into those charismatic eyes makes me feel all heated up. I have to stand closer, I am drawn in, I want to touch their faces, and I want to warm myself there next to their glowing eyes and hot flesh.  I want to contract from these golden souls the phenomenon that is lighting that cheerful soul.

Why do so many human beings give their childhood joy over to sullenness by midlife?  We all have within our histories very good reasons to be blue, but, only a precious few can manage to become enthusiastic over what remains. To bask in the glory of the good memories and learn to love more fully from the sad and the bad memories should be our daily invocation.  The magical ones are responsible for their own joy!

Last week there was a warm afternoon that drew me outside. I stood there in my night-gown and bare feet, allowing the warm wind to caress my face and sift through my hair. The scents of springtime were flirting with my memory bank. Fragrant visions whooshed through my mind. Images of my babies playing in the warm breeze danced around in my head, their giggles echoed tenderly across the hills. The powerful thrilling feeling of driving my first car through the country side swept over me then.  Romantic images of being kissed in the rain, being worshipped by the shaky hands of an eager young man teased a knowing smile. I stood there holding the hand of springtime for quite a while. When I walked back inside of the house, I felt magically prettier; romance does that to a woman at any age.

There is sun on the frost across the hill this morning, yet, the little morning birds on the ledge have warm looking feathers. Magical legends are alive and well in this mind and body, oh let me dance in the dirt for I am ever so grateful for the frost, the sunshine, and the dear little birds!

Life is waiting, there are more legends ahead, and I am entirely open to magic, always and forever. My spirit is aroused by the moonlight. I am a hungry goddess twirling and weaving, giving and taking, smiling and laughing with well-lit eyes and warm busy hands.

I have made the conscious choice to live a magically enhanced midlife, so mote it ever be!

Published by sheilarosskuhn

I write, I am an earth mother goddess...

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    1. 🙂 I sure intend to be joyful little Ralphie! Intention is the better portion of anything I like to think…


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