Join us at Experience Project?

You may or may not know that most of the members of Ralphie’s Portal come from a close-knit circle of friends on Experience, where you can post your life’s experiences and stories about anything under the sun, with like-minded people(be careful of the trolls though!) Should you wish to pay us a visit, please […]

Magically Enhanced

Healthy, capable, able-bodied people can empower themselves to be as magical as they want to be. There is no recipe for living with wonder, hope, and creativity, it is a state of mind.  There is nothing more enchanting than spending time with a soul that has somehow freed itself from the monotony of the ordinary. […]


Neo-Nazis Your incomprehensible actions, and your reluctance to accept the Freedom and Equality that every single human being possesses by right from birth, give birth to hatred and worldwide Racism. After the first World War, your ideology plunged the world into chaos. You took over a plague, known as anti-Semitism, and made sure that racism […]