My Friend “Mossy”


When I was fifteen years old,  I met a teenage witch, but, this one was not a character from a sit-com, she was authentic all the way to her bone marrow. She did not go around saying “I am a witch.” In fact, she resided on the edge of school activities as much as possible. She was nearly invisible, this was the most interesting and unusual thing about her.
Sometimes, I would “feel” her more than I would see her. This made me very interested in her. She wasn’t exceptionally stunning or terribly homely, although I could see that she could go either way with her appearance…. if, she had the desire to do so.  She wore lots of brown muted clothing. She did not make eye contact with anyone; she carried her body stealthily, and walked within a whisper of nothingness. Her hair was medium brown and so were her shoes, purse, and coat. Everything about her screamed (to me) “Look the other way!”
I suppose it was her efforts at nonexistence that made her irresistible to ignore. You see, I feel things more acutely than most others, and her labors at invisibility intrigued me monumentously.
I will never forget the first time she looked at me, eye to eye. I spoke to her, and there was no response, I giggled…..I was nervous I suppose, but, something about the desperate way that she was attempting to ignore me struck me as hilariously funny, who knows why? I was fifteen and my personality was intrepid to say the least.
I was not about to be ignored, she interested me and I was going to make her speak to me. “Hey, ummm, don’t we have PE class together, aren’t you in the gym during fifth period?” She looked at me then with eyes that were at least a thousand years old. I felt a little dizzy; there was something very uncommon about her eyes. They were muddy brown when she first looked up, then, a few mili-seconds later, they evolved into glittering black pools with bright golden flecks in them, like shooting stars.
After knowing her for forty years, I know now, the black glittery eyes are her angry eyes, the one part of herself that she has absolutely no control over is the color of those trademark bewitching eyes.

Published by sheilarosskuhn

I write, I am an earth mother goddess...

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