A Writer, Really….How Lovely!

Writers are carnal bastards that talk with their fingers. We live to tell everything. We live to expose our soft under bellies because we are all shameless exhibitionists. We are profoundly sensitive and we care too much, but, oddly, we won’t answer the phone when our best friend calls because we are sleighed in the […]

Souls…. In Literature and In Life

Not always, but habitually I can see straight through most pretenders.  I can’t read palms or look into your eyes and tell you all about your future, but, simply give me some time alone with your words, in person or in print and in a brief while, I will see your heart.  I’m not talking […]

The Upside-Down Appeal of ‘Downton Abbey’

From The New York Times: <Click here to read!> A comment from bronxie in florida, February 18th, 2012 – 6:56 pm Exclamations and explanations are beyond necessary. If you don’t enjoy, love or understand. this outstanding serial….just forget it and dwell elsewhere.. As a long awaited follow up to the Upstairs Downstairs programs and their […]