Once, I had a lover that twirled purple and blue in the darkness over me, he smelled of cloves and jasmine, I thought he was God. He thought I was unreachable.

Once, there was an old dizzy man who read poetry to me all night long, his hands shaking, his eyes crying.  I bowed my head; it was too rich, too rare, too much to stomach.

Once a teenage girl told me her surreptitious ugly truth, her confession repulsed me; I lost the remainder of my innocence that afternoon. 

Once I saw a young girl standing in an open upstairs window, her auburn hair blowing in the soft breeze, she held out a slender finger, a tiny bird lit there, she smiled lovingly, and I have never forgotten her face.

Once, ecstasy overcame me, my body betrayed me, my full breasts exploded and formed the milky way within my lovers eyes.

Once I kissed an angel goodnight, and morning never came, I have yet to see morning.