Simple Spell For Summoning A “Familiar” or A “Familiar Spirit”

This spell is best cast on or just before the full moon~

Preparation: Bathe in a warm sea salt bath

Cleanse your magickal space

Dress a pink or white candle with your favorite oil/oils

Burn cleansing incense like patchouli or dragons blood, or simply light the corner of a dried sage leaf and “smudge” your space

When your body is squeaky clean and your space is lovingly cleared and has been made ready for your magickal work,  simply light your oil dressed candle, reciting words to this effect, or better yet, make up your own incantation. This would be a wonderful spell to cast out-of-doors if possible. At your door would be an ideal place to prepare for this one, privacy permitting of course.

 Familiar Summing Incantation

 “I ask the Great Mother to send me a special friend~

Bringing love that knows no beginning, and no end~

Claw and tail, and loving eyes~

Warm and gentle, wildly wise~

Let me know and let me see~

One with eyes for only me~

So mote it ever be!”

Published by sheilarosskuhn

I write, I am an earth mother goddess...

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