Au Secours – Help!

from Alexandra Bruley

For translation, see further down! 

Le parlement Roumain a voté la loi pour l’euthanasie des chiens errants, mais les pauvres chiens seront massacrés de ces deux façons. Méthode 1. Une pelle dans la tête. Économique mais individuelle. Méthode 2. On les mouille et on jette un câble électrique alimente dessus. Il y a une petite consommation de matériel mais c’est collectif, donc plus rapide. Pour faire reculer le gouvernement Romain venez signer cette pétition.​salvaticainii

Shared · 28 November 2011

Lieven shared this on FB and it disgusted me as it surely will do you. I shall give you a quick translation:

The Rumanian parliament has voted the law for the euthanasia of vagrant dogs, but the poor canines will be massacred in two ways. Method 1. A ball in the head. Economical but individual. Method 2. One gets them wet and throws a live electrical wire on them. There is a slight consumption of material but it’s done collectively and therefore is quicker. To make the Rumanian government back down please sign the petition by clicking on the link above(and fill in your details).

This was originally posted on November 28th 2011. I hope we are not too late! 

This is what you will see on the petition.

Date personale:
(Vă rugăm să completați câmpurile marcate cu *)

Adresare:*  – here you click on the equivalent of Mr. or Mrs.
Prenume:*  fill in your first name ;Nume:*  – fill in your last name
Strada:* Cod postal:*  – you can leave these open!
CNP:* Email:*  – just email is required!
Tara:* Da, as dori sa primesc si alte informatii despre VIER PFOTEN

And press enter! 

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