“The Feast Of The Bride” “The Bringer of Light” The Poets, “Beloved Brigid”

…woman of wisdom…a goddess whom poets adored…— Cormac’s Glossary


We witches will celebrate our sacred Sabbat soon. “Candlemass” or “Imbolc” known in early days as “The Feast of the Bride” will dawn upon our eager hearts on February second. The Celts loved and cherished their beloved Goddess Brigid so enthusiastically, that she was eventually Christianized as “Saint Brigid” as not to alienate her Pagan worshippers.

She is praised as the Goddess of Poetry and Inspiration, she is associated with fertility and healing, as well as smithcrafting. Imbolc, also “Imblog” falls half way between the Winter Solstice and the Spring Equinox. Goddess Brigid is hailed by hearty feasting and the lighting of candles, for she is known as the “Bringer of Light” as she escorts the earliest and most tender buds of spring. She brings with her the season of the lambs, and the vivid sprouts of Spring, it is said that Ravens begin to build their nests at her command.  Although the earth is yet gripped by the barren cold grasp of Winter, within the deepest heart of our Mother, there is a stirring, a quickening, for Goddess Brigid is bringing her light, her warmth, she is escorting us from death, toward a refreshing and hopeful rebirth. Blessed Be!

As we witches and poets welcome the renewal of our sun, may we find inspiration, healing and warmth, within our adoration for this beloved lady of light. She is also known as The Goddess of Fire.

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I write, I am an earth mother goddess...

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    1. I am the same….I haven’t even decided what my ritual will be, but, there is a hint of Spring in the wind today and I was reminded of the coming Sabbat. Thank you for stopping by, I visited your blog and found it nourishing and beautiful!


    1. No, but…..I filed a formal complaint to the universe, and sadly, I was told there is no chance of changing Imbolc to The Feast of St. Sheila! Old timers are so rigid!


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