Is it the soup, or its making
that soothes, bleeds stress,
changes the mind, cutting through
the cares of the day,
warming the body, the soul

Cutting the meat from the steaming,
saturated carcass, boiled down
after our dinner
Add potatoes, the onion,
carrots, spice, simmer, garlic

salt to taste, breath in the
steam, the broth, linger
over the first bowl, the second too
Save for another day, another chance
to savor the loving remedy

picture taken of MY chickens in MY garden 🙂

My Imbolc Incantation

Bring to me a bountiful bouquet of your sparkling golden light

Bless my withered garden, with Sage, Thyme and Eyebright

Fill my heart with heat, so that my passion knows no end

Teach to me the ways of warmth, that my love may freely bend

Set me high upon your inspiration peak

Charm my words with wonder that I may freely speak    

“The Feast Of The Bride” “The Bringer of Light” The Poets, “Beloved Brigid”

…woman of wisdom…a goddess whom poets adored…— Cormac’s Glossary


We witches will celebrate our sacred Sabbat soon. “Candlemass” or “Imbolc” known in early days as “The Feast of the Bride” will dawn upon our eager hearts on February second. The Celts loved and cherished their beloved Goddess Brigid so enthusiastically, that she was eventually Christianized as “Saint Brigid” as not to alienate her Pagan worshippers.

She is praised as the Goddess of Poetry and Inspiration, she is associated with fertility and healing, as well as smithcrafting. Imbolc, also “Imblog” falls half way between the Winter Solstice and the Spring Equinox. Goddess Brigid is hailed by hearty feasting and the lighting of candles, for she is known as the “Bringer of Light” as she escorts the earliest and most tender buds of spring. She brings with her the season of the lambs, and the vivid sprouts of Spring, it is said that Ravens begin to build their nests at her command.  Although the earth is yet gripped by the barren cold grasp of Winter, within the deepest heart of our Mother, there is a stirring, a quickening, for Goddess Brigid is bringing her light, her warmth, she is escorting us from death, toward a refreshing and hopeful rebirth. Blessed Be!

As we witches and poets welcome the renewal of our sun, may we find inspiration, healing and warmth, within our adoration for this beloved lady of light. She is also known as The Goddess of Fire.

My Kin

There is the brewing, the bending, the fire

There is the healing, the work, the desire

There is the dancing, the shine of the moon

There is the planting, the sun of the noon

There is the study, the branch, leaf and tree

There is the hunger to set the soul free

There is the fruit, the pulp and the core

There is the legend, the folk and their lore

There is the wild thing, the beat of the night

There is the forest, the reverence, the light

There is the woman who sings to the wind

There is a witch, and she is my kin