To Ralphie FreeHeart

I am meat,

You are bones

When I am full

Your belly groans

Have some heart

No please, have two

Have some bread

And, birdseed  too

Tell a joke before I cry

Make me laugh

before I die

You are a bird

Without a cage

Kept away now

From your stage

I grieve for you,

You silly man

Please fly back

When you can

I’ll think of you

How could I not?

I light the candle 

I guard the pot

You haunt my dreams

Ralphie Dear

Let the ‘morrow

Find you here 

Where are you now?

As night creeps in?

Would conforming

Be such a sin?

Do not listen to me,

I know not what I say

If I could, I would put a rock on your heart

and make you stay!


Wonderful picture and poem!

A p r o n h e a d -- Lilly

I am shamed.

I have walked by you,

traded shallow pleasantries, ordered my latté,

gone about my daily nothings, oblivious to your darkness,

you who are lost.

I have cared, but not cared,

because you were other.

I have not seen the fire closing in,

the overwhelming helplessness of your predicament,

you the theoretical heretical stranger.

But lost has become intimate.

Lost now has a face and a heart.

And I am lost in the pain and desperation of helpless please-Gods. 

But you . . .you other,

you have been lost all along, and I didn’t even notice.

And it shames me.


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