You ask me for a sonnet. Ah, my Dear,
Can clocks tick back to yesterday at noon?
Can cracked and fallen leaves recall last June
And leap up on the boughs, now stiff and sere?
For your sake, I would go and seek the year,
Faded beyond the purple ranks of dune,
Blown sands of drifted hours, which the moon
Streaks with a ghostly finger, and her sneer
Pulls at my lengthening shadow. Yes, ’tis that!
My shadow stretches forward, and the ground
Is dark in front because the light’s behind.
It is grotesque, with such a funny hat,
In watching it and walking I have found
More than enough to occupy my mind.
I cannot turn, the light would make me blind.

The Leering Clown!


The leering clown is back in town,

The one with his polka-dot gown.

He´s envious of innocence!

So, if you have an ounce of sense,


You´ll hide your children at night.

Do not go looking for a fight.

For this one can not be fought.

From your mind, you´ll ban this thought!


Caution is the name of this game.

Never tell him your child´s name!

For this would spell disaster.

If you run, he´ll just run faster!


What we need now is a trick.

Quick, get your shovel and a pick.

We´ll tell him. that it´s to be found,

In yon place under the ground.


Having dug deep down under,

we´ll push the fool asunder.

He can make his final stand,

Against the maggots in the sand!


´t Was a job done well, my friend!

And a good way for this to end.

But what does my doubting ear hear?

The clown´s drum, it is beating near!


Run, hide for we are undone!

One for all and all for one!

Methinks, my plan, it had a flaw.

It´s high time, we called in the law!