Winter morning

The ice monsters have come to visit me in my sleep
They cuddle with me under my bed covers
No, they hog the bed and push me out
The wooden floorboards creak under my feet
I wrap a wool scarf around my neck

As I push the door open
The breeze rushes in to greet me
While the ice monsters dance at my feet
Stillness and quiet still wrap everyone in their blankets
White mist leaves my mouth at every breath

The ground is damp
Sprinkled with flakes of snow
I look down at my feet
To see the ground washed with the colors of the morning
The clouds in the sky are splashed with blue and gold

I look up staring for as long as I can remember
Walking down the never ending path
Splashed with the colors of the sky
Wondering who else
Whether in this small town
Or across the world
Was looking at the same sky, with me

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