Oh NO, it’s the Police! LOL

from My Funny Universe

Does Grandpa have the hump again? Since he gave up his Camels, he is kinda grumpy!

For Fuck’s Sake, hide the donuts!

A question just popped into my mind: Do you think that places that sell donuts get held up a lot? Excluding by the police, of course!

Mind you, there might be some officers with sugar withdrawal symptoms, who show up six in the morning and shout: “Open up in the name of the Law!” 

In the picture, do you think that fat cop will fit through the door? 

The Golden Rule of real estate is: Location, location, location! Ergo, the real estate next to a place that sells donuts MUST be the safest in the neighbourhood, right!? You can thank Ralphie for this tip!

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