Portal Magick

There is something delightfully unexpected going on here.  Ever since I began writing on Ralphie’s Portal, (thank you Ralphie) I have been having the most beautiful dreams and inspirational awakenings. In the last couple of weeks, there have been several occasions in which artfully crafted  poems have lined up and formed themselves within my sleeping mind, I am reciting when I awaken. I can never remember the words of the poems, but, I can recall the feelings that they manifest within my spirit.  These poems are living energy, they touch my heart as  gentle “creative” embraces within the predawn purple darkness of my sleeping room.  They are very fleshy, like “baby” kisses from bee stung lips that are riding upon the wings of an enchanted sort of spiral consciousness.

This morning I saw a womans face for the first time, she was smiling as she handed me a paper that she intended for me to recite, although, we were not speaking in words, there was a sisterly, familial telepathic understanding between the two of us. We were standing together, in perfect love and perfect trust, knowing the “heart” of the other was a heart well acquainted with nurture and healing. There was no doubt in the universe that we were sharing, that there was only certainty, only “knowing.”

Her face was very real, her skin was smoth, delicately pale and dewy, her eyes were deep-set, bejeweled emeralds. They were wise eyes, she knew many things. She was not young or old, her hair was dark and straight, it brushed her narrow shoulders, she was wearing a plain, dark ritual robe, her face and hands were very clean. Her aura was the color of a deep green and gold forest, she reminded me of an evergreen tree. 

She was familiar to me. I had known her for at least a thousand years, she was a kind, “elder soul”  There was a sense of earnest knowing in her green eyes.  She and I were happily busy together.  We were in a busy room filled with interesting “beings” that I could sense, but, not see. There was a feeling of “waiting to begin”  One chubby woman was a playful, merry sort. When she moved, bells jingled and  there was merry, ringing laughter. 

I have never been one that was prone to dreaming, this is very interesting.  Waking from these dreams is like emerging from a warm bath at first, and then there is a feeling that washes over me, that lonely feeling I get when I  finish the best book that I have ever read and there is this sense of loss for a while, as if I am losing a dear friend that I will miss everyday for the rest of my life.

Kreativ Blogger Awards

Master of Creativity: Picasso

This new year of 2012 has started off in an auspicious way! Let me count our blessings, if you will indulge me.

First of all, there are six of us here at the present, who complement each other wonderfully and harmoniously, which in and of itself is enough to keep on blogging like happy chappies and chapesses. You can read all our separate introductions in the header of this site.

Secondly, we have just recently received our second Liebster Blog Award, which you can read up on in an earlier article by clicking <here>

An unexpected third blessing is that we have reached the cape of one hundred followers on our site this very day, for which I thank our devoted readers profusely!       (Followers: 100 ; to wit: 59 WordPress.com blog followers. 9 WordPress.com comment followers. 10 Twitter followers. 22 Facebook followers. = from the site statistics)

And last but certainly not least, on checking our comments this morning, I found that we had received this most treasured of Kreativ Blogger Awards, for which I humbly thank Mister Martin Aliker from “The Happiness nest” site. Click <here> to read the article!

I now have to share ten  things about ourselves:

1. Ralphieportal could not have gotten this award without the contributions of the whole team(fact!).

2. I dearly miss my good friend and our first house-poet Lieven and I hope he comes out of hibernation soon!

3. SelargorNight has posted many poems that have enchanted us all and I hope he continues to do so often!

4. Sheila, our first house-witch, is an adornment to this site and I thank the stars every day that she is my friend(and adopted Gran!).

5. SaintMaj will hopefully regale us with more of his witticisms very soon!

6. Polly has joined her sister-witch and is adored and admired by all of us!

7. Ralphie is still a reprobate and will not be converting to any conformism any time soon, or ever for that matter!

8. Any lonely bloggers that would like to join our happy family can always give us a whistle and we will come a-runnin’! The more the merrier…

9. We’ve had visitors from 73 countries so far and I hope we can continue to spread zany, magical and happy thoughts to the rest of the world.

10. We sincerely hope that our policy of content over technological frills will continue to pay off.

There only remains for me to select my favourites for the Kreativ Blogger Awards and they are the following:

1. @GrumpyComments – always good for a laugh.

2. Lindy Lee – for original poems.

3. Philosopher Mouse of the Hedge – for quantum leaps of the imagination.

4. Linguistic Playfulness – for roaring prose.

5. TheTaoOfD – for thoughtful insights.

6. Waifette – for magnificent photography.

There are evidently many more that I adore, but the rules say that I can only choose six! Sorry about this.