Empowering Our Daughters

My mother was from a generation that did not always embrace the concept of “sisterhood” She came from a school of thought that women were competitors, nemeses one and all, “the other,” the enemy. As if the few “decent men” that were “available” were prizes designed to inspire beauty wars. That attitude seemed a weary one for me. I decided that if I had to fight for a decent available man, he wasn’t a prize and I wasn’t wise. I did not want to fight for love, I wanted to inspire passion and share a coupling that was not rooted in fear of competition. Fear and mistrust of other women burned within my mother, I did not want to go down that gnarly road. I chose to take another path, one of sisterhood and honored friendship.

I decided somewhere along the way, that raising empowered, self loving, strong, sensible daughters who cherished their female sister-ships was a worthy goal for me. We all stumble and fall along the path, but, each time we get up and shake the dust off, we are stronger and smarter.  Blessed Be!

Published by sheilarosskuhn

I write, I am an earth mother goddess...

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    1. Naw…..not wise, just been around a day or two, seen a thing or two, I am still learning, and making plenty of blunders. 😉


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