Second Liebster Blog Award.

For the second time since its august inception in the early sixteen hundreds, this blog has been lucky(or perhaps charmed) enough to be granted this award by one of our peers. I hear you mutter: “Sixteen hundreds????” Yes, dear readers, it is a proven fact that my ancestors were blogging on bog-paper long before the internet reared its technological head. Sadly, most records of this have been lost due to hygienic necessity.

I am certain that the granting of said accolade is entirely due to the influx of new blood on ralphiesportal. New blood, who by their endeavours have brought us to the notice of the general public at long last. That this feat was helped by a little  magic, is neither here nor there. I shall now proceed to enumerate the five lucky winners of this German bestowal, namely:

Now, there only remains for me to effusively thank the  donator of the second honouring of our site, the magnanimous, the ever-present, the non-elusive:

P.S.: It is only lack of time and an extreme case of laziness, which prohibits me from listing all the wonderful blogs that I absolutely love, here on our very own Wordpres!

Empowering Our Daughters

My mother was from a generation that did not always embrace the concept of “sisterhood” She came from a school of thought that women were competitors, nemeses one and all, “the other,” the enemy. As if the few “decent men” that were “available” were prizes designed to inspire beauty wars. That attitude seemed a weary one for me. I decided that if I had to fight for a decent available man, he wasn’t a prize and I wasn’t wise. I did not want to fight for love, I wanted to inspire passion and share a coupling that was not rooted in fear of competition. Fear and mistrust of other women burned within my mother, I did not want to go down that gnarly road. I chose to take another path, one of sisterhood and honored friendship.

I decided somewhere along the way, that raising empowered, self loving, strong, sensible daughters who cherished their female sister-ships was a worthy goal for me. We all stumble and fall along the path, but, each time we get up and shake the dust off, we are stronger and smarter.  Blessed Be!

The Brew And The Berry

Life, and my place in it, is  apparently shifting at a more obvious rate lately.  With each dawn, I “wonder” at my  interesting mirror image. I am shocked, yet, unmoved. Being alive is very exciting.

There is comfort in age, in time, in wisdom. I have heard all of my life the saying “If I only knew then, what I know now” and, “Beauty is wasted upon the young” now, I “get” it, now I get it.

Nature is a pure genius. Everything works out as it should. Some things cannot be taught, some things must be learned. Some lessons must be carved upon ones very face and hands, the most obvious places.  I wish that there were short cuts. Ways to avoid the heart aches of youth and beauty.

No, the dew of womanhood remains on the pink bud, as it should.  

Time sweetens the brew and the berry. Let me drink, dance, and be merry.

Have You Ever Seen What Was Not There?

by Yehoshua Front

I am an oilpainter and have taken private courses with several good artists. One of them, a friend of mine from Israel called Joshua Front, is so good that one day when I was looking at a sketch of his, I could actually see what he had intended to portray or in other words, what was in his mind’s eye. This was amazing! I bought it from him. But it must have been in the heat of the moment, for we had been debating art for a long time that day, because when I looked at it the next day, what I had seen earlier was no longer visible to me. Am I making any sense at all?

By the way, Yehoshua was my teacher for a while.