Witchy Sex

As a witch, I have to write just a little about sex, as a crone witch, I really must write about sex, it is, after all, deeply charged with magick.  (if you do it right) 

There is sex, and then, there is sex with a truly sensual, earthy, “life embracing” witch.  Certain witches use their sexual powers for spell casting, however, I will not go there today.  (this is not a manual for sex magick, just a tid bit or two about how some witches think and feel about the topic) I will suffice to say that “often, witches embrace their sexuality on an elevated spiritual level.”  I know a couple of witches that practice this form of magick.

Based on this crones conversations and associations with other solitary witches, it is my opinion that witches do not lock  their sexuality it in a box, they do not  strap it down, or bind it up, they don’t bargain with sex, they aren’t ashamed of sex, they don’t think that their sexuality is dirty or sinful.  In fact, this particular crone believes that sex can be more than fun and folly, it can be elevated to the realm of the “sacred” when shared lovingly and thoughtfully. 

I always wonder when human beings are going to stop giggling and start paying serious attention to the very important healing capacity of our shared human sexuality? We jog, we diet, we join gyms, we get yearly screenings and exams, we take vitamins, we go to therapy, we read this label and that label, we read stimulating literature, we go to church, we do things to keep us fit, spiritually, physically,  intellectually, emotionally….but, too many times, we do NOT take care of our most basic sexual needs, I do not understand this? It is bazaar to me that our sexual health and happiness isn’t common breakfast conversation all over the world.

Sex is the life force, sex creates life, sex heals, sex energizes, sex bonds human hearts. Beautiful, meaningful, sex says what even the most eloquent love letter can unknowingly, edit out.  Sex is the background music of the tenderly romantic relationship, sex is the theater, the drama, the spice, the heartbeat, the dance, the fire, the vital organ of any blissful union between consenting adult partners.

A delightful sexual encounter  is a sparkling fiery “spell” that both empowers and summons utter vulnerability…in the same instant,  giving and taking, consuming and offering.

I won’t get creepy here…. but, Poppa and I do OK. I can tell you (but I won’t) all about every sexual encounter we have had in the last year….We keep a sex diary…we do not keep our check book well balanced….you can see where our priorities run.  To each witch, her own….but….It has worked for this crone.

So for today, this crone says, “be happy, and, have sex for as long as your heart can take it, and after that, remain intimate, with your lover or with yourself… sex is not limited to intercourse or even to pairs of two…sex,  in any form, when offered respectfully, when celebrated kindly,  is a holy gift, be reverent and be grateful.

Blessed Be.

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I write, I am an earth mother goddess...

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  1. I knew it! It can be awesome with a tender and loving partner. I could write volumes on the subject, but I won’t, ’cause it’s nobody’s business but my partner’s and my own. I happen to be single though, ladies(nudge, nudge, wink, wink!)


    1. Awe come on Ralphie, do it, write a novel from your perspective, include every hiccup and scream…My book club keeps choosing really boring stuff….I need real page turner! A sizzle bomb!


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