Encounter with a Hedgehog.

I was taking Linda for a walk the other week, through the autumnal tunnel that I have described on a previous occasion, when all of a sudden Linda almost takes my arm off trying to drag me into the bushes. I dug in my heels and shouted: “Ho, girl! Let me check what’s going on here first.”  And what should be there but the most adorable little hedgehog, turned into a ball because Her Majesty had scared the living daylights out of it.

I was able to convince my dog that the little tyke would not make for a very healthy snack and it showed its cute little face. Seeing a baby hedgehog fairly makes my heart melt. They are almost fairy-like in their appearance, or maybe I should say leprechaun-like. I wonder where they live, I mean, do they live in a burrow or just hide under some bushes at night. I wouldn’t know, I shall have to read up on them.

I was so busy trying to get Linda away from the tiny fellow that I forgot that he might me in a dangerous situation fairly soon, because he was on the side of a road, where there is a fair amount of traffic, getting ready to cross. I doubled back almost immediately, intent on taking it up and depositing it safely on the other side, but it had already retreated back into the undergrowth.

This made me a bit sad. I would never entertain the notion of keeping it as a pet, because I am a firm believer in the  philosophy that wild animals should be left in their natural habitat, but I dearly would have loved to look at it one last time. I do hope it is safe and in good nick! I offered up a prayer to the fairy godmother of hedgehogs, Mrs. Prickly and I hope that helped.

When looking for a picture for this piece, I glanced over the fact that these are mammals! Ouch, imagine Mrs. Hedgehog giving birth to quadruplets. Now, that must hurt!!! You do know how they make love, don’t you? VERY gently!

Deutsch: Ein junger Europäischer Igel (Erinace...

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7 responses to “Encounter with a Hedgehog.

  1. I love this post! You are such a tender soul Ralphie! Thanks for taking me with you and Linda on your walk and introducing me to your new little friend. Now I have to go do something about my gravatar….


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