Witchy Sex

As a witch, I have to write just a little about sex, as a crone witch, I really must write about sex, it is, after all, deeply charged with magick.  (if you do it right)  There is sex, and then, there is sex with a truly sensual, earthy, “life embracing” witch.  Certain witches use their sexual powers for spell […]

Hackers developing satellite system for ‘uncensorable Internet in space’ – Yahoo! News

  Hackers developing satellite system for ‘uncensorable Internet in space’ – Yahoo! News. Hahah, let the US congress stuff this up their pipes and smoke it ! Related articles The First Goal Is an Uncensorable Internet in Space’ (talesfromthelou.wordpress.com) Hackers planning homespun anti-censorship satellite internet (engadget.com) Anger Over SOPA Prompts Hackers to Propose Private Satellites […]

Stones, Herbs, Flowers and Sticks

I suppose offering a magickal home to all who pass through our door is this crones little “cottage” hobby.  I have been working this past year to bring as much of nature indoors as humanly possible without starting a forest fire when I light my alter candles each dawn.   Poppa and I don’t run a fussy home here. We share our […]