Elements of the Morning

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It is a cold, dark, wet and wintry day.  Outside the wind howls and rain lashes the windows.  Inside I kneel at the hearth worshipping Fire.  The glowing heart of home.  Winter is the season of the element Earth, it is also the season when we look to Fire – the element of Summer.

I honour Fire.

Each day when I rise I wash my hands and face with water.  Cold, clean, running water.  An absolute privilege.  I listen to the water running into the sink,  I watch it bead on the porcelain,  I hold my hands in it, then relish the shock of cold on the skin of my face,  I drink some – my mouth wakes up.

I go to the kitchen – fill a kettle – this time the rumble of Water on metal.   Refill the cat’s bowl – watch water swirl down the plug hole – gurgling now.

I honour Water

I strike a match – watch the flame spark to life – light the gas – a pinky blue flame.

I honour Fire

I unlock the door – step outside – feel the fresh movement of the air.  Look up into the morning sky. I see stars or clouds or the moon or the sun coming up over the trees on the hill.   I hear the birds singing, a dog barking, the wind in the trees.

I honour Air

I replenish the bird feeders with seed, feed the cat, fill a bucket with coal.

I honour Earth

I set coffee to filter, wash my favourite cup.

I honour  Water

I rake out the fireplace, reset the fire,  strike another match

I honour Fire

Now I am ready for my favourite time:

I pour a cup of coffee, put it by my chair.  I choose a candle to light, a joss stick to burn, a crystal to enjoy.   I  make an offering to the fire – some rosemary or orange peel or apple wood.

I begin my day.

Witchy Sex

As a witch, I have to write just a little about sex, as a crone witch, I really must write about sex, it is, after all, deeply charged with magick.  (if you do it right) 

There is sex, and then, there is sex with a truly sensual, earthy, “life embracing” witch.  Certain witches use their sexual powers for spell casting, however, I will not go there today.  (this is not a manual for sex magick, just a tid bit or two about how some witches think and feel about the topic) I will suffice to say that “often, witches embrace their sexuality on an elevated spiritual level.”  I know a couple of witches that practice this form of magick.

Based on this crones conversations and associations with other solitary witches, it is my opinion that witches do not lock  their sexuality it in a box, they do not  strap it down, or bind it up, they don’t bargain with sex, they aren’t ashamed of sex, they don’t think that their sexuality is dirty or sinful.  In fact, this particular crone believes that sex can be more than fun and folly, it can be elevated to the realm of the “sacred” when shared lovingly and thoughtfully. 

I always wonder when human beings are going to stop giggling and start paying serious attention to the very important healing capacity of our shared human sexuality? We jog, we diet, we join gyms, we get yearly screenings and exams, we take vitamins, we go to therapy, we read this label and that label, we read stimulating literature, we go to church, we do things to keep us fit, spiritually, physically,  intellectually, emotionally….but, too many times, we do NOT take care of our most basic sexual needs, I do not understand this? It is bazaar to me that our sexual health and happiness isn’t common breakfast conversation all over the world.

Sex is the life force, sex creates life, sex heals, sex energizes, sex bonds human hearts. Beautiful, meaningful, sex says what even the most eloquent love letter can unknowingly, edit out.  Sex is the background music of the tenderly romantic relationship, sex is the theater, the drama, the spice, the heartbeat, the dance, the fire, the vital organ of any blissful union between consenting adult partners.

A delightful sexual encounter  is a sparkling fiery “spell” that both empowers and summons utter vulnerability…in the same instant,  giving and taking, consuming and offering.

I won’t get creepy here…. but, Poppa and I do OK. I can tell you (but I won’t) all about every sexual encounter we have had in the last year….We keep a sex diary…we do not keep our check book well balanced….you can see where our priorities run.  To each witch, her own….but….It has worked for this crone.

So for today, this crone says, “be happy, and, have sex for as long as your heart can take it, and after that, remain intimate, with your lover or with yourself… sex is not limited to intercourse or even to pairs of two…sex,  in any form, when offered respectfully, when celebrated kindly,  is a holy gift, be reverent and be grateful.

Blessed Be.

Encounter with a Hedgehog.

I was taking Linda for a walk the other week, through the autumnal tunnel that I have described on a previous occasion, when all of a sudden Linda almost takes my arm off trying to drag me into the bushes. I dug in my heels and shouted: “Ho, girl! Let me check what’s going on here first.”  And what should be there but the most adorable little hedgehog, turned into a ball because Her Majesty had scared the living daylights out of it.

I was able to convince my dog that the little tyke would not make for a very healthy snack and it showed its cute little face. Seeing a baby hedgehog fairly makes my heart melt. They are almost fairy-like in their appearance, or maybe I should say leprechaun-like. I wonder where they live, I mean, do they live in a burrow or just hide under some bushes at night. I wouldn’t know, I shall have to read up on them.

I was so busy trying to get Linda away from the tiny fellow that I forgot that he might me in a dangerous situation fairly soon, because he was on the side of a road, where there is a fair amount of traffic, getting ready to cross. I doubled back almost immediately, intent on taking it up and depositing it safely on the other side, but it had already retreated back into the undergrowth.

This made me a bit sad. I would never entertain the notion of keeping it as a pet, because I am a firm believer in the  philosophy that wild animals should be left in their natural habitat, but I dearly would have loved to look at it one last time. I do hope it is safe and in good nick! I offered up a prayer to the fairy godmother of hedgehogs, Mrs. Prickly and I hope that helped.

When looking for a picture for this piece, I glanced over the fact that these are mammals! Ouch, imagine Mrs. Hedgehog giving birth to quadruplets. Now, that must hurt!!! You do know how they make love, don’t you? VERY gently!

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Hackers developing satellite system for ‘uncensorable Internet in space’ – Yahoo! News


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Hackers developing satellite system for ‘uncensorable Internet in space’ – Yahoo! News.

Hahah, let the US congress stuff this up their pipes and smoke it

Comet Tempel 1 67 seconds after it collided wi...

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Stones, Herbs, Flowers and Sticks

I suppose offering a magickal home to all who pass through our door is this crones little “cottage” hobby.  I have been working this past year to bring as much of nature indoors as humanly possible without starting a forest fire when I light my alter candles each dawn.  

Poppa and I don’t run a fussy home here. We share our home with a “canine coven” consisting of several elderly, set in their ways “rescue” four leggers, not to mention our very vocal wolf hybrid, husky empress, “Miss Francis.”  

Still, regardless of these hairy, smelly, elder fur kids, this crone wants to dwell within a comfortingly aromatic, reasonably orderly home.  (I said, reasonably) Clutter is chaos, if I don’t use it, I donate it or recycle it.

Chimes, bells, incense, feathers, grapevine wreaths, candles, rocks, branches, crystals, all add to a “humbly elegant and cozily magickal” dwelling.  Branches and vines make beautiful natural archways over doors and windows. Fresh Fruit and vegetables are simple and lovely, look at them in a simple white bowl for a minute, then click a photo of them, display it on the wall in a sticks and stones hand crafted frame.  Throw a clean, soft, old patchwork quilt on the kitchen table with a jar of fresh picked daisies in the center and have a friend over for coffee, all will be cozy and no big deal if there is a spill!  Any witch can entertain, with no fuss! 

Poppa and I live on a ridgetop with  other ridgetops as our only “eye level” neighbors. We keep our windows uncovered, open to light, open to the natural art of winter birds and falling snow. All day long, bright birds freely spy on us, study us, and, we do the same. 

There is calming music playing as I meander through my folksy, warm, little world. Right now, it is Gary Wright’s musical offering, “Waiting To Catch The Light” that is fluttering around me. I sigh, it is very calm and relaxing in this old house.  The fur kids are blissfully sleeping off this chilly afternoon, as I enjoy my happy solitude.

Mood setting aroma therapy is essential for creating a drama free space that is soothing to the weary soul.  I especially enjoy the rich earthen scents of pine, cinnamon, vanilla, nutmeg, ginger, patchouli, sandalwood, sage, bayberry and citrus.

In this witches house, the seasons dictate the decor.  When the seasons change, I change everything!

When the days lengthen, and the air softens. I get busy. I put away my incense and open the windows! Fresh mountain air is energizing, as I get to my Spring cleaning!   In the evenings, I might light a lavender or tea rose candle. Soon, fresh flowers will be tucked in vases here and there to acknowledge the simple abundance of the Great Mother. There is no thing more romantic in springtime than a bouquet of fresh mountain wild flowers with delicate sprigs of fresh lavender and baby’s breath tucked within the bright colors.  

When Poppa cuts the grass, for the first time of the season, I am entirely blissful.  Yes, I am a winter soul, but, there is nothing sweeter smelling than the first fresh-cut of new grass!  There should be a candle featuring this scent (and one for puppies breath too) 

The center of this old witches magickal home is the alter, today, on the alter,  I have lit a thick,  glittery bronze brown candle in the midst of a bed of creek stone rocks and sea shells..the sparkling brown candle has an elaborate scrolling leaf carved around its center.  At this minute, I am burning a pinch of dried white sage leaf  and earth scented incense on the rock bed. I inhale the warm, heavy spiciness of sage smoke, and instantly, I feel richly blessed.

“Salem,” the resident black cat, has fallen asleep on the back of the sofa. He is exhausted from bird watching, he is lying there in a tight little circle, he is “done all in” from plotting how to snare one especially “flitty” fat red bird.  I read that “Salem” means “peace” by the way. So far, he is a little shy of peaceful, but, he is just a kitty, six months old today, he will settle down.

Every good witch cherishes her home, and, no matter how humble her dwelling may be, or how little money she has to spend, she can decorate lavishly for less than one cent. She only has to take a long walk in the woods to come home with the very finest in decorator accents. (Watch for poison ivy though, I learned this the hard way, recently)

A sizzling pot of water with a teaspoon or two of cinnamon in it, can make a house come to life when the witch is fresh out of candles and incense. Add  sprigs of pine or a couple of pine cones and you are transported back to the fragrant forest floor, without ever leaving your house.  A few rose petals sizzling in a pot on the stove,  in the summer time, offers a softly romantic effect. (or lemon juice or orange peel or mint leaves or a blend of all of the above) I love to drop a few dozen old marigold (dead heads) in a pot with a drop or two of vanilla in the Fall. Instant pleasure!

A string of cheap white lights and a few clean branches arranged artfully in an old weathered flower-pot, can light up any dark corner for a couple of dollars.  There is no end to the natural possibilities for economical,  earth friendly decorating! 

Blessed Be!

Catch the moments

Catch the moments

hold the solitude


the others.


Empty spaces inside

times of company

Move freely

beyond the laughter

Live on many



Look for the silent rainbow

seagulls in the darkness

mute loveliness


the sadness

Be here


Take  emotions

to heart

feel widely and deeply

Take it all in


There is no other time


Weave into a whole

the threads

of consciousness

create integrity

Be many sided.