Magick Musings.


For the umpteenth time: Anything and everything that is, always was and always will be, IN ONE FORM OR ANOTHER! Our bodies shall return to dust or feed the worms and little creepy crawlies and our spirits shall rejoin the All. Every nook and cranny of the universe is made up of energy, which we can see or not, which we can feel or not and which we can measure or not(yet).

We are really very limited creatures in our perceptions, in that we are carbon-based, biped, air-breathing beings that have been cursed or blessed with an earthly body. What we perceive would be non-sensical to a tripod, silicon-based, amonia-breathing creature and what if we did not need a body to drag along with on our daily ventures? BUT…, we are evolving, slowly, in that our consciousness is gradually expanding and interconnecting on a collective level.

Magick can not create something out of nothing for the simple reason that nothing is nowhere to be found. Again I reiterate, God or The Universe does not have holes in him or it. I for one, firmly denounce the concept of zero! Now, please don’t tell me that you agree, because that would make life so very boring. I am quite secure in my weird, goofy zaniness, thank you very much. So what is magick then? Magick to me is the utter embrace of life in all its beauty and the belief in the power of thought.

Thought invokes willpower, with which we change (so-called) reality every single instant of every single day by our interaction with the world around us. But we can only work with what is there and nudge it slightly towards the direction in which we would like it to flow. By the mere fact of our being and emitting willpower, we attract what we need. There is no coincidence. Everything happens for a reason, although I’ll be buggered and turned into a purple-beaked tadpole if I can discern the reason for it all!

Does there have to be a reason for everything though? Isn’t just being here enough? Experiencing all the beauty and wonder of the wide, wild universe and skinny-dipping in a sea of love should be enough for anyone. You have to remember it is there, that is the only premise. Shake off the white noise and turn a blind eye to the clutter of your own ego’s making and you will be surprised at what is there, for all to see.

When I was living on the street, I met several interesting individuals, with whom I had many a conversation on the very strange happenings that seemed to occur every day and on a regular basis. We all came to the same conclusion, namely that what was happening could no longer be attributed to coincidence. You need something, you visualise it, you let it go by sending it out into the non-void and hey presto, it would appear. If it didn’t, you’d forgotten to let go(very important!)

Only money was tiresome and did not behave as would other basic wants such as food, drink and shelter. Although we always seemed to somehow attract enough to provide for our daily needs. It is my belief that this occurred because money is an abstract and rather silly concept dreamt up by some demented ancestor, who had no realisation of the harm it would incur.

You see, money has no intrinsic value whatsoever. It is an agreement between two parties, nothing more. And if one party does not hold up his end of the bargain, through greed or envy, then you get situations like we have today, where the self-choosen few have everything and most have bugger all.

We were all taught that opposites attract, were we not? I think that a second Einstein will have to come along to disabuse us of this misconception. Or maybe someone already has and I just haven’t been in touch with the latest updates. Certainly on a spiritual level this does not hold true, for likes attract, definitely! Which is why more and more people are starting to expand their consciousness and finding each other, through this medium of internet on the one hand, but more importantly because our energies are connecting with each other on a global level, in other words, our collective understanding is growing.

East is meeting West and both are benefiting from the encounter. In our unravelling material society, there are thankfully those who place spiritual well-being before worldly possessions and our numbers are expanding exponentially. Blessed be, as Gran or Polly would say! Enough disjointed rambling from Ralphie for now. Embrace the light, go forth and make merry, my friends!


Published by raburcke

I am a comedy writer, oil painter and the founder of this site. Do join me and we will make it a place that everyone will be happy to visit.

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  1. Ralphie, you got me where I live here! Thoughtful! ……”Blessed Be!” (indeed) You have blessed me this morning, you’re my astral kin….but, we already knew that, didn’t we?


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