Evolution of the Site!

There used to be just me(Ralphie) on this site, bringing you my humorouus Tittbits, but I must say it got a bit lonely on my lonesome. Fortunately though, I happen to have some awesome friends, who one by one agreed to join me and together we strive to make this site a place that people will be happy to visit and return to. If you look up in the header of this site, you will see an introduction to each and every one of us.

At this moment(01-01-2012) we have a number of poets, some comedians and a couple of mysterious and lovely witches, who are introducing us to the wonders of magick. All of us are involved in creative writing and give everything we have to you, our readers.

In this we are united, without you to read our fledgling creations, there would be no point to this forum. We humbly thank you for your visit(s) and for your comments.

Do have a look at the categories in the header to check out your favourite topic(s) or just scroll down to find the latest posts.

There are more people joining all the time, folks! Together we will strive to bring you an agreeable mix of Poetry, Creative writing, Spiritual musings(e.g. witchery) and Comedy! Enjoy and do tell all your friends.

Published by Revlang

I am a copywriter and I am committed to making our new technologies understandable to the not-so-very-young generations.

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  1. Being a numpty , I still don’t quite get my way round this place ! But I love it , and wish to recommend it to a few of my friends , who , I think could contribute to the site . Thoughts please !


  2. I don’t know lil Ralphie…Perhaps embracing humor and having daily fun is one of the most “merrily sacred” ways in which to live a life, I have seen for myself that laughter IS one of the most powerful healers…..


    1. Absodubitably! I just want to differentiate between an inner sanctum and a sacred or earthly even shared platform of zaniness, magick and letters. Look, you got me all discomfobulated now. I lost my own thread.


  3. I hear that my blessed and gifted “sister witch” is coming over to join us Ralphie! I’m excited. You are so kind to share your sacred space with your friends. x


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