For Little Ralphie

“Little Ralphie” You are a bored child And a prancing devil~ You are an intimate artist ~ An aloof poet~ You are cherished and revered~ For what you are ~ And for what you are not~ You are a fool and a wise man~ You are an aristocratic ho bo~ You are an earth angel~ With sparkling […]

We Are Never Too Old To Play!

Last Thursday night I could not sleep. At three in the morning I gave up and decided to stir around the house for a while. I generally write when sleep eludes me, but, not this night, not this crazy night!  I was too restless, and far too wild for candlelit meditations or thoughtful prose. As I […]

Simple Spell For Summoning A “Familiar” or A “Familiar Spirit”

This spell is best cast on or just before the full moon~ Preparation: Bathe in a warm sea salt bath Cleanse your magickal space Dress a pink or white candle with your favorite oil/oils Burn cleansing incense like patchouli or dragons blood, or simply light the corner of a dried sage leaf and “smudge” your […]

The Witches Familiar And The Movie

There is much folklore and legend associated with the Witches Familiar or The Familiar Spirit. I will leave the research up to you and speak from my heart. For me, “A Familiar” is simply a witch’s truest friend.  Witches have long been known for their deep association and fondness for their animals. My strong suspicion […]

Sister Hearts

Circle `Round the bon fire heat~ Merry Part and Merry Meet~ Fetch the loaves and stir the brew~ Clutch the witch that stands by you~` Kick up your heels and stomp your boots~~ Burn the herbs, and boil the roots~ Light your candles, sisters dear~ Linking arms and chanting  clear~ Goddess! Goddess!  Shine your light!~ […]

Yangshuo County, Guilin, China – Justin Dong – Guest Photographer

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  Justin Dong – Guest Photographer Today’s photo comes from our guest photographer Justin Dong.  He is a college student at Rice University who has been studying abroad in Asia.  You can check out his interesting work at  His HDR images are top notch. Take it away Justin, Yangshuo…


another homeless person just died another homeless person died and not one person cried not one person cried cause its just another homeless person that died not people like you and me like you and me someone’s dying in the gutter somewhere dying in the gutter somewhere with nothing but their soul laid bare nothin […]

Embrace The Witch

Embrace the Witch She is real and warm Truth Her pots bubble before dawn Simple She is intimate in charming ways Bewitching/enchanting/sensual She has ripened beneath sun, wind, clouds Wise She cares for tender things Compassionate She croons the rampant babes; she holds the frail hands of the dying Vigilant She binds, bends, splits, weaves, […]

How well do you manage distraction? Take this three minute quiz…

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“Do you leave the office with a nagging feeling that you worked all day but didn’t get your most important work done? Do you feel like you aren’t taking advantage of your talents and passions? Are you distracted by little things? Avoiding big hairy projects? Do you interrupt yourself…