The Heartache of Being Merry (for the holidays)

This IS the season, isn’t it?  A happy time, a time of magic and wonder, a time of laughter and fond family memories.   A time of snow kissed holiday romances, of sugar-plum fairies, of unending familial feasts.   The time of torn gift wrap piled to ones knees.  A time of scents…pine sap and cinnamon aromas in the house that smell […]


Natural History Museum: An exhibition Androids are programmed for admission Impervious to effects of nuclear emission Attention please: Exhibit Number Four This was Tyrannosaurus Rex Dinosaur Extinct for sixty five million years or more Attention please: Exhibit Number Three This was once called a Weeping Willow Tree The last piece of greenery that would ever […]

What Is A Witch, According To Gran

I was talking with Poppa last night about the word “witch.”  This is such a misunderstood word, even for one that is a witch. There are numberous meanings of this word, depending on where you look. Every time I run a search, I find a new “original” definition. I find that for this crone, embracing the word “witch” […]

River of Dreams

Dreams are born in misty mountains of somnolence Trickling streams of spindled fingered silver fluid light Crystalline clear from rain and dew untainted by reality Tributaries of hope the vapoured trails flow relentlessly on Ever downwards through the haunting valleys of midnight Growing, leaping rippling, stumbling over rocks of destiny Through lush gardens of rich […]


Kamal, soon will come your soul’s creation From darkness that has ever been your home Today will mark the end of your frustration The mortal world will then be yours to roam Kamal, now is the time for your salvation Cocooned within your embryonic tomb The seismic echoes of your incarnation Are rebounding to guide […]

Take a Look at the Desert Sunflowers!

  Anza Borrego Desert Sunflowers – Borrego Springs, CA. When I hear desert, I see in my mind’s eye a vast sea of sand and the occasional Bedouin on a camel. I can imagine many things about a desert, but not what I saw in this wonderful photograph. Go and take a look!