The Witch In Every Woman

“There is a little witch is every woman” No truer words were ever spoken. We are all daughters of the moon, born of fire, water, earth, air, and spirit.  We are sister witches one and all.  A woman is magickal by her natural design. We are intuitive, courageous, powerful beings.  We are the seductive temptresses, the givers of life, the healers, the Mother Goddesses, the enchantresses, the wise ones.  We are beautiful and homely magicians, sorceresses, see-ers, and holy women. We mold, we bend, we shape, we twist, we turn, we create realities, we are in concert with the moon, the tides, the raging wind, the gentle brook, the hearth fire, the watchful crow. We build up worlds and we destroy worlds. We are potent brewers, bakers, and candle stick makers. We are delicious, delightful, spiral dancers. We inspire art, literature, life. We enslave, we free. We cast magickal spells unaware, we are great, empowered sources of life’s eternal stream of lore and wisdom.

Every wife, mother, career woman, every teenage girl (scrubbed in sunshine) every nerdy grad student,  every church pianist, every nurse, every athlete, every cheerleader, every writer, every doctor, every lawyer, every hotel maid, every cow girl,  every prison cook, every store clerk, every seamstress, every bag lady, every stay at home mom, every Catholic nun, every sunday school teacher, every soldier, every wife, every crafts-woman, all of us, every “bad girl” and every “good girl” (we are all a little of both) ….has a percentage of pure and mighty witch within her being.  Some live the part, while others dabble, (like a certain American politician) but we all are witches.

I have yet to meet one woman who did not wield her own brand of sorcery. Did you ever see a mother instantly quiet her ill-behaved toddler with a raised eyebrow, (that is a spell, my love) Did you ever gaze deeply into a mans eyes and when you released your gaze, he had fallen madly in love with you? (this “romance thing” is 100 % magick!)  Did you ever pay one thousand dollars of monthly expenses with half that amount of money, again, this is witchcraft, in this crones opinion, at least. No matter if you call it “prayer” or  the casting of “a spell” (only words) Women often get what they need through “casting” their sacred energy. The peaceful contented home is cast by a good witches magic, the life long, loving relationship is a “moment by moment” magickal effort.  As women, we stir our own cauldrons, we fly our own brooms, we must become ever vigilant and steadfastly empowered. We must boldly claim our rightful titles as maidens, mothers and crones. “An it harm none, So Mote It Be”

Published by sheilarosskuhn

I write, I am an earth mother goddess...

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