Best Wishes for 2012!

May you be cajoled by kind spirits only, that show you your true worth as seen by the rest of humanity. Believe you me, when I say that you are here for a very special reason, namely because you are sorely needed by those around you. I love you, we love you, you may rest assured in this certain knowledge!

Now, off you go and make merry!


Midnight Brew

Tap down and gather together   

all ye merry crafters  

Gather the herbs and vines

and hang them from the rafters

Kick a boot cheerily

and sway thou wicked hips

Grab the wisest merry-man

and kiss him on the lips

Ring the bell and call the cat

then spark thy candle bright

Sip a witchy midnight brew

on this winters night.

The Witch In Every Woman

“There is a little witch is every woman” No truer words were ever spoken. We are all daughters of the moon, born of fire, water, earth, air, and spirit.  We are sister witches one and all.  A woman is magickal by her natural design. We are intuitive, courageous, powerful beings.  We are the seductive temptresses, the givers of life, the healers, the Mother Goddesses, the enchantresses, the wise ones.  We are beautiful and homely magicians, sorceresses, see-ers, and holy women. We mold, we bend, we shape, we twist, we turn, we create realities, we are in concert with the moon, the tides, the raging wind, the gentle brook, the hearth fire, the watchful crow. We build up worlds and we destroy worlds. We are potent brewers, bakers, and candle stick makers. We are delicious, delightful, spiral dancers. We inspire art, literature, life. We enslave, we free. We cast magickal spells unaware, we are great, empowered sources of life’s eternal stream of lore and wisdom.

Every wife, mother, career woman, every teenage girl (scrubbed in sunshine) every nerdy grad student,  every church pianist, every nurse, every athlete, every cheerleader, every writer, every doctor, every lawyer, every hotel maid, every cow girl,  every prison cook, every store clerk, every seamstress, every bag lady, every stay at home mom, every Catholic nun, every sunday school teacher, every soldier, every wife, every crafts-woman, all of us, every “bad girl” and every “good girl” (we are all a little of both) ….has a percentage of pure and mighty witch within her being.  Some live the part, while others dabble, (like a certain American politician) but we all are witches.

I have yet to meet one woman who did not wield her own brand of sorcery. Did you ever see a mother instantly quiet her ill-behaved toddler with a raised eyebrow, (that is a spell, my love) Did you ever gaze deeply into a mans eyes and when you released your gaze, he had fallen madly in love with you? (this “romance thing” is 100 % magick!)  Did you ever pay one thousand dollars of monthly expenses with half that amount of money, again, this is witchcraft, in this crones opinion, at least. No matter if you call it “prayer” or  the casting of “a spell” (only words) Women often get what they need through “casting” their sacred energy. The peaceful contented home is cast by a good witches magic, the life long, loving relationship is a “moment by moment” magickal effort.  As women, we stir our own cauldrons, we fly our own brooms, we must become ever vigilant and steadfastly empowered. We must boldly claim our rightful titles as maidens, mothers and crones. “An it harm none, So Mote It Be”

On Being A Witch

The Silver Haired Crone Witch

Words are capricious little sprites. When I say to another soul, “I am a witch” there are any number of impressions one might embrace depending upon your background, your present and past realities, your geographic location, and, your personal emotional response to the word “witch” based on your educational exposure and perhaps your religious teachings.
Here is what I am not, I am not an angry, ugly being that stirs up herbs and lights fires in order to send out wicked hexes and spells that are born to cause harm and chaos. I believe that what I do and say comes directly back to me, magnified and growing claws that will serve only to scratch my own eyes out when I least expect it. You cannot play with the fires of negative energy and not get burned, there is such a thing as the three-fold law, I embrace that concept with profound respect. I am not a worshiper of Satan, for me Satan is an entity that is created in the minds and hearts of bitter souls that choose to take the dark path of greed and selfishness. Satan is your self-created evil “baby” if you know him, and “rock” him, he will be yours forever. “He” will rob you of your light and your dance on this planet will be an ugly, lonely dance, fit only for sad angry fools that cannot be forgiven because they know not how to forgive. It is said that witches do not believe in Satan, well, I do believe in the dark embrace of evil which has more to do with an attitude of hopelessness and rueful anger than a man in a red suit with a pitchfork in his hand. I don’t sacrifice babies or animals, in fact, I am a child advocate volunteer and an animal rights activist, so, that would be impossible for me. I love and nurture all creatures, even the crawling pesky bugs that most people think nothing of squashing under their shoes.

I am me, for this I came. I am carnal in that I celebrate the fleshy pleasures of this life, I make no apologies for my love of pleasure, of sex and of eroticism. I know these things as gifts, not as sins. I treasure romance and passion, sex is poetry, art, music, and drama in motion between two souls. What is so tender, and yet so powerful and moving as making love with someone worthy of your focus, your adoration and your naked trust? Creative lust has been the juice behind many works that move the souls of man. Sex is the life force, it makes us happy and centered and gives us hope to soar above the mundane tasks of daily living. We are like hungry children without sex, needing, wanting, and empty. Sex is such a perfect gift in fact, that there is not a requirement that we have a partner, we can sexually satisfy ourselves.
Now, isn’t that a wonder and a well thought out gift for us trembling and needful human beings dwelling in a sometimes lonely world? It’s as if the creator thought of everything when the gift of pleasurable sex was given to us simple-minded human beings.
Of course, where you have humanity, you will have meanness and power struggles, so, sex has been perverted, like every other good thing. We had to go and make all of these rules about what is a sin and what is acceptable, because we enjoy playing like we know the heart and mind of the creator. Give a human something perfect and natural and he/she will make up rules that are designed to drain the joy and promote guilt and shame. The witch knows sex is a perfect thing when used as it was designed, with tenderness and respect for a partners heart and mind. We honor one another with our sexual skills, we give pleasure without shame or regret, we take pleasure with an attitude of grace and gratitude. We embrace intimacy with respect and awe. We get a body while here on earth, a body in which to give and receive pleasure, a body in which to heal others through tenderness and touch. Witches know secrets about sex, and they are not afraid to use those secrets to heal what is sick or broken in a lover.
The witch is familiar with plants and animals. She or he knows that every being, every plant, every animal has a purpose that is elegant and perfect in its natural state. That is worthy of awe and wonder. That is worthy of tenderness and care. The witch takes responsibility for passing out kisses and hugs, for looking the other way when those she loves prove themselves to be achingly human, for there is grace in not noticing weaknesses, especially in the strongest of souls. The witch dances alone and in her dance, she heals, she inspires, and, she moves mountains. The witch grieves in ways that others can only dream of, for she knows life and death are closer than most think. She knows the worlds of the living and the dead are ever entwined. The stopping of the heart beat only means the flesh is no longer sustainable, but, the spirit can soar and dance forever. She is comforted by the knowledge that her loved ones can be closer in death than in life. The witch knows that time is the only true gift that is given to anyone that we care about. All other things will pass away, but, the time we spend actively loving those we care about is living energy between two souls that never ceases to pulse with life and vitality. Energy cannot die, it is only released to eternal celebration.
Witches know that love binds all things, prayers and spells are the same things, kindness counts, pleasure is good, the earth is our beautiful and sacred Mother. Witches know that time makes one more beautiful inside and that wrinkles and gray hair are in realty quite earnestly beautiful because they are the creators way of pointing out the wise ones.
So yes, I am a witch, I love well, I seek to heal, I seek to bless, I seek to encourage, I seek to find balance in loving myself and in loving others. I seek to inspire, I seek to liberate, I seek to bow in respect and awe of the elements, of the animals, of all creatures of the land, of the air, and of the seas, I seek to honor human nature, and the creators nature. I seek to honor my ancestors, I seek to dance in the spirit of creativity and I seek to become an elegant, loving, contented, and happy soul. I seek to make this journey that is my life one of celebration and wonder. Above all, I seek to be kind. “So mote it be!”