Preparing the Move…

Her Majesty!

I’m as nervous as a cat at a hyenas’ wedding! Ten trillion thing to take care of and all of them have to be finished yesterday. You know how that goes, right? And I don’t even know the exact date that we’re supposed to move. Well, I’ll know when I start seeing camels, I suppose.

Those who have read most of my writings will know that Linda is not actually my dog. I’ve been house and dogsitting for months now and the boss was hardly ever here, therefore I kind of appropriated her in my mind and in my heart. But the problem is that she is not mine and when the boss’s daughter and her family came over they fell in love with Linda and I suppose you can guess the rest.

I took her to the vet yesterday and had her chipped and vaccinated. I’ve also had to ring everywhere to find a transporter cage for her, because she will be joining her new adoptive family on the 22nd of January. It’s a consolation that their two little girls will spoil her rotten and the family is a kind and loving one, who deeply care for animals. Linda will have lots of room to romp around in, etcetera, etcetera…

But I already miss her and she’s still here next to me! Funny, isn’t it? Not really… I’ve had nothing but her for company for months and now she’s going aswell: BUGGERATION! I’m a trifle upset about this. I certainly hope that I make new friends over in Morocco very soon. Inch Allah!


7 responses to “Preparing the Move…

  1. I know that Linda will miss you too, one thing for sure, the love that you gave Linda will always remain with her, she won’t ever forget you, perhaps, sometime you can visit her. Still, I wish she was yours. Hugs and Another HUG.


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