The Mother Spirit

The Crone Witch Enlightens, Teaches, Inspires!

 The way of the crone witch is one of great responsibility. She is an elder, it is upon her to teach the old ways, the ways of nature and honor.  She drinks from the chalice of life thirstily, her life blood is freedom.  She dances upon the path merrily, she is unapologetic for her passions. She is set apart from the rest of the world, by her uncanny steadfastness, by her humble gratitude for life, by her hard-earned understanding of the fragile human condition. Her sorrow is her closest friend, for within her sorrow, she has found her joy.

She  casts no scorn, for discouraging spirits never rest. She is mercy in motion. She loves with her whole being, she forgives, always. She ponders the saints and she relishes in goodness. She is rarely surprised at the unceasing wonders of this life. She teaches self-love, self praise, she empowers. She believes that all of humanity are precious spirits clothed in needful flesh, she is awed by the capacities of the human heart.

Her task is to inspire kindness, creativity, and acceptance. She is captured by the great powers of the sacred imagination, she is ever-blessed by simple living for she knows “things” can steal ones very soul.

This earth is her temple, her brief sanctuary until she is called to Summerland. She comprehends that love and compassion are the only jewels in her crown. She is humble in all of her ways, ever willing to learn, to teach, to heal, to be healed.

Blessed is the knowing crone, for she is our Mother spirit. She is love, light, forgiveness, and comfort.

Published by sheilarosskuhn

I write, I am an earth mother goddess...

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  1. I have known this woman intimately in mind & spirit for 27 years; she was my Matron of Honor at my wedding 20 years ago.

    I say that to tell you this, every time I read her I am awestruck! Every word in this writing is HER. I love her deeply. Every time i see her or talk to her, I learn from her. She has the most loving and forgiving spirit I have ever seen. She has experienced the depths of sorrow with the death of her daughter. Every time I think of what she had to go thru my tears flow like rain. My son died 15 years ago. I receded into the depths of depression for years. This lady had to experience the gradual failure of her daughter’s health and had to watch the life ebb slowly from her. Her daughter had one blissful week of marriage before the darkness began. She recreated her daughter’s hospital room to the exact room at home so she would never feel like she was in a hospital. Being a caregiver, the nurses let hr administer her daughter’s meds and shots, care for, bathe her, feed her and love her while she waited for the angels to claim her dear lovely daughter. She had to watch her daughter go blind, regress in age, and at age 24 read books to her as her daughter regressed mentally in age, back to a baby. When the angels mercifully claimed her, Hillbilly Crone’s spirit died for but a short time, then she pulled herself from the depths and threw herself into a volunteer job helping the family court judge evaluate a wayward mother and her children to help determine the best action for all. This lasted, it seems like, for a year. She inched into animal rescue, sometimes traveling 5-600 miles to do a rescue. Recently she has opened her heart and her home to a girl who aged out of foster care and had no place to go.

    Yes, raburcke, wouldn’t it be wonderful if there were others out there like her? No one can come close, though to her heart, her spirit, her healing, her outlook, her writing, yes, her writing… and her resiliance and her unconditional love. I feel honored just to be her close friend. I have watched her many a time making lemonade from a lemon life has handed her.

    Miss Crone, I hope I didn’t go too far; I know how private you are and I respect that. Any reader who has followed your writings should know that you are not just a wordsmith…but your very spirit and all your heart are in those words. I love you, I love you. But I dont imagine Mr. Crone to be givin’ you up any time soon… so me & Mr raburcke will just have to recede into the shadows, and be thankful we were touched by you.


      1. Mercy Sakes! That was some tribute my blessed friend. I am honored and I am humbled! Rarely is this one speechless, I am, at the moment…. exactly that. You have been my spiritual mentor, my dear friend, my fearless supporter for over two decades, I love you with my whole soul. I am grateful for your precious life, for your personal courage and for your mentorship, and most of all, for your beautiful soul. You bless my life, I cherish you. Blessings and Tender Care Forever and Ever.


  2. Nope, my Sister has been married for 40 years.
    Perhaps an incantation will do the trick! Here Goes!

    “Stars in the sky, to Ralphie, a crone will fly”
    “Make her funny and make her kind, make her stimulating to his body and his mind”
    Make her as perfect…. as perfect for Ralphie as any woman could ever be,
    and make her easy and effortless to see”
    “Send her on a song, one Ralphie loves to sing”
    “Send her soon, for as I will it, it is to be!”

    There you are Ralphie, enjoy your Jane, open your eyes!


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