Dark Star

One winter’s night it did appear

A dark and brooding cosmic sphere

A black death hanging in the sky

A monstrous and all seeing eye

And the world was struck with fear

The prophet said we’d sowed the seeds

Four horsemen saddled up their steeds

The malignant quasar in the night

Was proving Nostradamus right

It was all down to Mankind’s greed

The flames of unrest were thus fanned

Which tore across the promised land

We watched our world begin to die

The apocalypse of man was nigh

And still we did not understand

The dark star grew and blocked the light

We cowered in the murky night

We prayed to God and asked him why

Do you not know? Was his reply

As the stars disappeared from sight

Satan had weaved his wicked spell

The world became a blackened shell

We’d gone too far and paid the price

The dark star watched as cold as ice

We’d turned paradise into Hell


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