Purple Dayz

Yes we listened to the sabbath

We went tripping with the dead

Whilst the politics of ecstasy

Were whirling in our heads

We were dust upon the wind

We were drops of acid rain

That dropped in strawberry fields

And flowed down penny lane

Diamonds glittered in the sky

And major tom was lost in space

And when Jimi had departed

There were none to take his place

Yes we surfed with castaneda

Upon the waves of mescaline

And we found a new messiah

The one and only doctor tim

On the dark side of the moon

We had a great gig in the sky

We climbed the stair to heaven

Where the zeppelin flew high

We passed around a peace pipe

With our good friend mary jane

We went chasing after rabbits

On a horse that had no name

Yes we all put on some cream

With two axe men and a baker

Poor ronnie became a free bird

And miss joplin met her maker

But the front door fell to pieces

After riding out the storm

And jesus christ the superstar

Onto the stage was born

The heat went up the country

With a blind owl and a bear

And the dawning of aquarius

Turned dark in deep despair

Questions answered questions

But the captain he just grinned

Bobby couldn’t find the answers

That were blowing in the wind

When they laid down abbey road

The four kings were all but done

While tommy smashed a mirror

And rotten johnny spoiled the fun

We saw smoke upon the water

When we crossed the bridge of sighs

The purple dayze of rock and roll

Had reached their sad demise

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