What Is A Witch, According To Gran

Hillbillycrone and daughter Emmy Dancing Around The Fire (some years ago)

I was talking with Poppa last night about the word “witch.”  This is such a misunderstood word, even for one that is a witch. There are numberous meanings of this word, depending on where you look. Every time I run a search, I find a new “original” definition.

I find that for this crone, embracing the word “witch” is liberating, it soars out of my mouth on wings, I like that.  I have been misunderstood all of my life, it only seems appropriate that I am a witch, to further the misunderstandings, if for no other reason.

Some say the word means “wise one” I do not know, I was a witch at sixteen, but, I do not claim that I was all that wise at that time in my life, but, my life force was powerful and the Goddess was a friend of mine, so I got by.

I have read that witches are “consorts” of the devil, oh come on, Poppa is never even fussy, much less, evil, and, he is my sole consort. Real witches do not believe in a literal “devil.”  The little dude is a Christian creation having to do with the image of the horned God of Harvest above the (pre-Christian) Pagan Temple door ways. I won’t go into the history here. (as I have read it to be)

Some say that a witch is an old ugly woman. Give me a break, I am not what I used to be, but, who is? I am happy in my own skin.

Some say that a witch is an enchanting woman, (sigh) that is nicer, but, I assure you that there have been times that I have  presented myself to the world as a woman who is somewhat shy of “enchanting.”

To be sure, I know by now that witches are like everyone else, all unique, all have good and bad days, all have challenges and problems that they wish they could remedy with a twitch of their noses and a little eye of newt.

I have known one or two that dabble a tad in negative energy, but, like anyone else, they get back what they cast out, so, eventually, they learn to only “cast happily” or they grow sad and bitter very quickly.

For me, to be a witch is to be thoughtful, to use my energy, my art, my communication skills for purposes of healing and mercy. To move about the world in a way that blesses, not destroys. To speak with reverence and kindness… to humans, animals and creatures, for I have known the heartbreak of scorn, and I won’t participate in casting hurt. To me, a witch is an authentic individual (male or female) with a keen awareness of self, of nature, of intuition and of priority.

Blessed Be All Ye That Are Weary This Day.

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  1. Wise words from a wise Gran, but one other illusion of mine gone out the window: I thought and hoped and prayed that you could twitch your nose like what’s-her-name in Bewitched and make everything better! But then, things are better, because I’ve got me some ass-kicking Gran and a wonderful friend, YEAAHHH!!!!


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