Running With the Pack…

Somewhere between where the day and night so briefly meet, I slid into a the consciousness of one of my canine brothers, I melded with a wolf. It was only for a moment, but one can learn a lifetime of knowledge in a moment’s time… It felt strange and exhilarating to run like the wind on all fours, to feel an abundance of strength in my muscles and sinews, to move with supreme grace and without effort. I remember answering the call of the Moon, the boiling of my blood, the craving, the fearlessness.

I remember not thinking, just feeling, just being, just there. I was conscious of myself in relation to my surroundings, of space and time and movement, especially of movement. I could sense the living beings and their exact location in the surrounding landscape. As if I had a map in my mind’s eye and could place every living being in it. I felt instantaneously whether they formed a threat or were friendly and whether they were still or in motion, moving towards me or away from me…

I was connected, connected to the clan, with a communication of the spirit, that sprang from the mere fact that we are family and thus are linked, in the blood. I could sense my brother on my left and my sister on my right… and they in turn could sense me. In effect the whole clan knew where every other member was located on the hunting ground.

I could feel everything, because everything was alive, all beings, all things. First off all there was the clan and then the other blood-beings. Then there were the plants that felt slightly less alive, but not much! I could even feel the elders that were there already before us, our ancestors. And I felt the earth on which we ran and ran, and the still, patient rocks, and the living water, always moving. And then there were the strange things that were almost non-living, the man-made things, which felt somehow not quite right. As though they did not actually belong, as if they had been mislaid…

And then came the sense of smell… Everything I needed to know about my clan was bourne on the wind by their scent: Is my brother sick or in good health? Is he angry or content? Is my niece in heat…? And then there was the scent of the prey of course, most necessary and respected of beings, who help us survive… Who can run, but can not hide!

Yes, I had a good run with the clan, if only for a moment! And I respect and admire them all the more for it.

Published by raburcke

I am a comedy writer, oil painter and the founder of this site. Do join me and we will make it a place that everyone will be happy to visit.

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  1. Ralphie, this is the first thing I’ve read today, Oh, I am happy to be awake and alive and to have someone such as yourself in my life, this is the “meat” that shall feed me today…..
    Standing Ovation for this thoughtful work.


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